Battery Operated Wyze Cam

@steve4335 You’re welcome! Thanks, I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a very similar setting with 30w flex panel and a hotspot device. I place it high on a pole for 7 months now. It is magic

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Wouldn’t it be super easy to make a rechargeable battery that plugs into the back of the camera just like the motion sensor piggyback device does?

Hi @jalvaray1. Welcome to the community.

I’m not a battery engineer, but I’m afraid that an external battery that fits the same same profile as the Wyze Sense Bridge could not be large enough to power the camera very long. For reference, a 10,000 mAh power bank can power the Wyze Cam V2 for about 16 hours. If you look those available on the market, they are some orders of magnitude larger than the bridge.

The key to a solution is a different camera with much lower power consumption. The Wyze Outdoor Camera that is currently in testing is just such a device.

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Ok cool, I can’t wait!
Another question, how can I use my PC as a security monitor for the Wyze Cam? I tried it all and can’t figure it out.

Hi Jalvaray1,
right now that is not something that can be done natively, there is a wish list item for it that has a button for you to vote for that function:

I know some users have had luck using an android emulator on their pc, blue stacks is mentioned often


Logitech perfected the online experience with the PC cameras at least 10 years ago I know the technology is out there why can’t wyze do it?

Towards the end of the thread he linked to you will see a post from @WyzeGwendolyn who works for WYZE, in that they state

We’re discussing the best implementation because our community is interested in it. There are changes we would need to make and issues (such as security) that we need to have fully fleshed out.
When we first started, our intention was to be mobile only. We are looking into what it would take to safely change that plan. So we’re not promising yet but we are taking it seriously.


Would lik to camera’s that are battery powered or solar powered.

Will this also have a solar panel option?

@WyzeGwendolyn - any updates on this camera? It’ll be great if Wyze could come up with a battery operated camera, that we could place anywhere inside or outside the house. My requirement is to place this on a window inside the house (stick it to the window pane/ glass) to overlook my patio, or my garage.

Unfortunately the current bulkiness of Wyze cam wouldn’t work for me.


I don’t think that the battery-powered outdoor camera will be slim enough for your request but it is still in beta testing.

My solution to battery operated cameras was in another post

It works good. You can connect two cameras at the same time.

@WyzeGwendolyn apologies if this redundant. I think a lot of these posts are pointing to the options that the Argus 2/pro have.
(Closest thing I’ve seen) Althoughh I like/think Wyze is better,

It seems requirements would be minimum 3mo operation on battery (I’m guessing these would have to be Li Ion). Detachable battery pack for easy replacement of batteries, or Wyze developed rechargeable battery packs.

I don’t see how development should take extremely long for this type of model, my main concern would be price. If you do come out with a model like this, please keep it within the 20-40$ price range.

Ultimately, I think an option like this is a must for this industry, as a security concern would be advanced criminals affecting home power/electricity before breaking in.

You mentioned beta testing (I assume for battery operated camera), is this correct, implying prototypes have been developed? If not, Is this currently being seriously considered, or actioned?

The outdoor camera we’re working on is battery operated. We’re needing to balance battery concerns, weather proofing, use, etc. and that has made development tricky. :slight_smile:

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Awesome Gwendolyn, good news. I’m sure in time you guys will work it out. :wink:

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Thanks for the support! :grin:

@WyzeGwendolyn can we get actual clarification unless I’m missing it somewhere. What actual power options will the outdoor cam have? I’ve seen battery mentioned a lot and nothing else then I started seeing hardwire option also but no specification.

If it’s hardwire power also what exactly is that option micro usb, 110v plug, PoE?

What actual power options will the outdoor cam have?


So has Wyze replies yet for a battery operated camera?