Battery Life/Turning off Sensor

The batteries are said to last almost a year depending on usage. What exactly is meant by usage? Is it detection or sending notification/video requests? Does constantly detecting motion drastically reduce battery life? Does sending notifications or video requests reduce battery life?

If detection without any notifications or video requests affects battery life, will we ever get the ability to turn the sensor off? My sensor is in a high traffic area of the house so the battery would be getting drained constantly throughout the day. Turning off the sensor would be helpful.


The detection reduce battery life and the notification happens only after the detection. Even if you turn off notification, the detection has already been triggered so there will be no difference. There’s no way for us to turn the sensor off right now unfortunately, this is a trade-off that had to be made for the simple and compact design. Good news is, the battery drained per notification should be minuscule, do let us know how things turn out and let the community members be aware based on the setup that you have.


@WyzeMark I’d like to echo geflores question that didn’t get addressed about how is ‘one year usage’ estimate defined? We’re not expecting an exact number, but Wyze standard sensor will likely only experience a few events per day and therefore can be expected to last quite a while, but the motion sensors in any room other than a closet could easily have hundreds of events or more per day and is constantly monitoring, so miniscule could add up very fast Therefore without ability to put motion to sleep, it would seem that either the standard is going to last a lot longer than one year, or the motion will die much sooner. To best guide device ordering and avoid potential disappointment in a few weeks or months, better understanding this estimate would be very beneficial. Thanks

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I think this can vary widely due to many factors – I’ll check with the team so they can give more details on power drawn.


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