Base Station WiFi or NOT

I was reading about the base station set-up and step 1:
“Connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network your Base Station will be set up to.”
So now I am scratching my head. It has to be wired but you have to be on WiFi network so am I to gather the base station is nothing more than a “locked down” range extender?

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If your phone isn’t connected via wifi to the same network that the basestation is connected via Ethernet, how would they see each other to complete the setup?

Well don’t I feel silly right about now.

Kinda. But you have to connect your phone to the same network. The base station kinda does its own wifi just on the same network. It to my knowledge doesnt have a visible ssid nor does it duplicate the ssid and settings of your personal router. So its kinda like its own router instead of a range extender. But its kinda a range extender… lol Since most cell phones dont normally connect to a network through ethernet this is why it says to connect through the wifi network. That way you are in the network to help set up everything.

It does broadcast it’s own SSID for the Outdoor Cam. It is not a range extender but connects to your internet via ethernet and then broadcasts it’s own WiFi for your Outdoor Cam to connect to.