Base Station Restart From App

Please add the ability to restart the Base Station from the Wyze App. When you are away, it would be helpful to have the ability restart it if you are having trouble viewing a camera. Thank you.

Not a bad idea. While you are waiting, another method is to put the Base on a smart Plug. I have most all my cameras on smart Plugs in case of emergency while Iā€™m away. Guess I need to add one to my Base now too! :slight_smile:


I have added a wyze plug to my Eufy base and my Arlo base but have yet to do so on the wyze base, probably should huh :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to see remote reboot of the base station which my former camera vendor Arlo supports.

When my outdoor cameras with Camplus subscription were not able to detect objects and I was not able to get authenticated to see live events, I had to drive to get into my house to reboot the base station. Rebooting the base station restores cam outdoor features.