Base Station got bricked tonight after trying to update

Tell me about it! I have a ticket that hasn’t been resolved since mid-June, and Wyze support has stopped responding to me, probably because they don’t know what to do about it (it’s presumably a firmware issue).

Do you have the ticket number, I would like to see why it is not being resolved after this long.

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Same. Completely unresponsive to requests for help! This is getting old…

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Same case for me. Four cameras I need to be able to see and it’s now been 3 days and I have gotten no help! Very very disappointed!

Please post your ticket number, and we’ll see if we can get some eyes on it.

Calling is often much, much faster. The best way to contact them directly is by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

Actually just got a response from customer support offering me a replacement base station in October or a Starter Bundle as soon as they can. Opted for the Starter Bundle so hopefully that will get here as soon as possible. Thank you.

8db888Od . . .I found an old post on the forum. Apparently the Wyze software in the cam base does not allow a space in the SSID name for your wi-fi network. My name had a space, and I just kept getting a brief pop-up error note. Since I didn’t want to chage my SSID, I created a guest network with an SSID without a space. The Cam base connected to that network name with no issues. Problem solved–not ideal, but a decent work around. Check your network SSID name for a space or other special characters. Hope that helps. NOTE: All my other Wyze products connect fine to my “regular” wi-fi network, with the space in the name.

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Sure: 1284475 opened 13 June 2021, I posted it by request in another thread in August and flagged it several times as “other” but haven’t had any response since mid-August; support just ignores me.

The bigger problem is that the support people do not read the history; instead, they keep telling me to try over and over the very same steps that didn’t fix the problem previously. It’s frustrating.

Bottom line: the base won’t connect to my router by Wi-Fi, although all my other Wyze devices do so quite well, so it isn’t the router. I’m out of the country for another month, but on return I’m hopeful that they’ve identified the problem in a recent firmware update (, which is paused because it causes other problems):

Fixed a bug that caused the Base Station to keep flashing blue after changing the connection method

Yeah, that’s my problem. It seems to stem from the fact that when setting up the base, it refuses to accept the Wi-Fi password (I see a reversed “failed”).

Wow, there you go! Why didn’t support catch this? I’ve been saying all along that it was a firmware problem, and that could explain it. They sent me two replacements, but of course they all had the same problem. However, every other Wyze device connects just fine. It’ll be another month before I get home to mess with it.

I can’t change my SSID, though; I have about 60 devices and am not going to risk trying to reset them all because one of them has a firmware problem! Let’s hope the successor to firmware, when fixed, will address the problem.

I’ll be curious if that’s your problem. You’d think support would know about this pecularity of the cam base firmware. Depending on what router you have, it’s pretty easy to make a guest network with it’s own SSID. I was concerned the Wyze app wouldn’t like the cam base on a “different” network than it (and all my other Wyze products) was on, but it all worked (and is still working) fine. It would be nice if they fixed this in a future release of the firmware. I’m surprised they aren’t seeing more tickets about this. Good luck to you!

Thanks for the suggestion. My existing guest network also has a space in its name, but I can change it without major repercussions when I get back.

By the way, I did specifically request in all capital letters that they refer it to a firmware programmer—at least twice, as I recall.

I checked with the team about this! Sorry for the trouble. From our end, we see that we sent a reply on August 18th with an offer for replacement. We wanted to confirm shipping information but didn’t hear back. I spoke with the team and they said they’ll be creating a new ticket for you to try to get the info again. Please make sure that you check your spam and junk folders for it in a bit just in case it got sorted somewhere funky. :slight_smile:

Your new ticket number is 1460380.


Please, no more replacements! You’ve already sent me two. The original and the two replacements have the same problem. That’s why I suspect it’s a firmware problem. 50+ other devices, including a dozen or so Wyze devices, connect just fine…only the WCO base refuses to connect to wi-fi.

(…and yes, the password was entered correctly.)

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Are you using firmware on the Base station? Several people including myself lost contact from the Base station over both WiFi and cable while using that version. The fix for me was firmware, but that has been pulled due to people reporting problems installing it.

I’m not able to access the base for another month, so I don’t know. But everything worked fine for 6 months, until one day the base dropped off at 07:30 for no apparent reason—no firmware or app updates. Yes, .24 release notes do mention something that sounds as though it could address the problem, but I can’t do anything about it right now. Really frustrating!

If you have you Wyze app with you, I believe you can still see the firmware version on a disconnected device because the last known version is maintained on the server for the Device Info window.

Perhaps so, but I got so frustrated since it would never work that I removed it from the app. Oh well, what’s another month?

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