Band Water mode?

Is there a way to put the Band in a Water Mode? was caught in the rain the other day and kept noticing my band going crazy and swiping and moving between screens on its own. The apple watch suffers the same fate but you can put it in a water mode that disables everything but the side wheel.
Is there something similar on the Band? or is there going to be in the future?

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I was just about to post the same issue, and found yours.

I was in the shower, when my wife noticed the lights turning on and off :slight_smile: since I had a shortcut it was hitting.

The water droplets indeed seem to simulate a swipe action, depending on the direction they’re travelling.
A water mode or screen lock might fix this as you said.

On an unrelated subject (but also a busy topic), the battery life is amazing


I agree, I’ve started taking my band off now when I shower because it unlocks itself and goes crazy from the water action. Just an fyi, don’t really have an idea for a solution.

Same issue. I went swimming and the band went crazy and continuously vibrated. Now I have a dead watch. Hopefully it will come back to life once I put it on the charger.

I’m having the same problem I had with the other band I was using. “Xiaomi Mi smart band 4” . When I’m taking a shower, it thinks you are sliding your finger on the screen so it will unlock and start clicking on things, start Alexa and vibrate. It will be nice if there is a feature that detects when you are taking a shower to turn it off or a quick shortcut where you can manually activate the showering option and then reactivate when pressing 5 times on the screen or something like that, just throwing some ideas without having to change hardware such as adding sensors on the device. I know this is difficult to accomplish that’s why my other band had the same issue.