Band Text Notifications

Bought two bands. One works very well(no issues other that the app having to be running for shortcuts and alexa capabilities). Other band does everything except text notifications. Gets snapchats facebook phone calls everything BUT text. Tried turning on and off different notifications rebooted and reset band and phone several times with no luck. Any suggestions?


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What firmware are you on? We bought 2 as well and one is on v1.0.5.80, the other on v. The second one works great, but the v.1.0.5 does not get email or text notifications. I am not able to update the firmware, it says it’s up to date.

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The one that is working fine is .5.80. The other that is having the text issue is .6.07. Strange that we are having a similar problem on opposite firmware. I was actually trying to figure out how to uninstall the update on my wife’s to go back to the .5 and see if that solved the issue.

Really strange, 5.80 is getting other notifications, just not email and text.

Yes. Saw your other post about not being able to update and mine(.5.80) also says up to date.

Just curious if you are able to get notifications for group texts on the working band? I only get notifications for texts with one recipient.

I’m not getting ANY text notifications. Pretty much everything else with the band is working just fine, but no text message notifications of any kind. Not the end of the world (as I know Wyze is going to have a lot of issues to fix early on), I just hope it gets figured out soon!

That’s mine - v. which it says is up to date. The notifications for text and email do not work.

Updated Wyze app to v2.10.62 from 2.9 and now text notifications only work when the Wyze app is open.

Wife also updated app. Rebooted band and still wasn’t working. She kept trying things and went to iPhone settings. Notifications. Wyze. Show preview was set to never she changed to always and is getting text notifications now. We both changed it back to never and still get them so not 100% sure that it was the cause but hers seems to be working fine now! Did discover that if you have the messages app pulled up on the phone that it does not send a notification. Not sure if the preview change fixed it or just a delay on updating the app but might be worth checking.

I figured out my issue. If you go into the settings from your phone and go to notifications, I had only texts & calls turned on (I don’t like very many notifications). But since I’m an android user, I use Google Messages to handle my text messages. I found that notifications for the Messages app were turned off in here.

Once I turned those on, I started getting notifications for group texts! I also turned off the general “texts” notifications because it seemed like it was buzzing more than once. Sometimes it still will buzz a couple times but I think it might depend on how long the text is? I don’t know, I haven’t figured that part out yet…

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It updated this morning to and now notifications work. It took me 45 minutes to turn text notifications off! I never turned email notifications on, thank goodness.