Band sometimes doesn't sync a run

I have worn the band for just over a week. Twice now it has failed to sync a run. On the run screen in the app the run is missing. Steps for the day will report correctly until the next day, then the steps during the run will drop off. The general heart rate graph shows a flat line during the run (not the heart rate graph in the run section).


  1. Steps for the day at 4000
  2. Start run for 30 minutes, take 2000 steps
  3. Steps for the day showing 6000
  4. Wyze app -> Run -> The run does not show up
  5. Wyze app -> Heart -> Graph shows a flat line during the run
  6. Tomorrow -> Wyze app -> Activity -> Steps for yesterday show 4000. Missing the run.

This has happened again to me today! It is infuriating. I just did a run and my band says 11,238 steps. In the app on activity it says 11,238 steps. When I tap into the activity it says 8599 steps for today. When I go to run history the run is not listed.

I have had a similar issue where the run show complete on the band. Yet it never syncs with the app (iPhone)

I hope support is looking into this. I’ve discontinued use and moved back to my Mi Band until it is addressed. What’s the point of a fitness band that can’t record the fitness…