Band sleep tracking sessions

Does the band track multiple sleep sessions in a 24 hour period? I’m curious because the app lists just a single period even if I took a nap.

8 nights wearing Wyze Band. I just took a long nap this afternoon. On my Wyze Band, it added to the time slept last night but on the app, there is not accounting for the hours’ nap. I have logged out, logged in, synced and it does not recognize all that extra sleep. Another point is on the band only, for the first time, it has some orange, which must be the approx. 8 hours when I showered, went out to work, returned. On the app, there is still no orange, no awake time for any day. A couple of days ago, I got up, went to bathroom and went back to sleep. It also did not recognize that as awake. I wish this Wyze Band sleep tracking were more accurate. I have spent a lot of time looking at videos and reading articles on best sleep trackers and even with the hundreds of dollars’ items they all seem to have issues or aggravations of one kind or another. I don’t understand on the Wyze Band and Wyze Band would not say the same thing on the app… One last thing, one night, I left my band charging in the living room and it showed what I knew was the approx. time slept and woke up without wearing the band. Is that even possible?

I just noticed something else. On the app, the sleep added up of last night’s plus my very long afternoon nap, where it shows added and a little orange (I suppose the hours I showered, worked, returned before napping) show on Activity where you see the steps, bpm, and sleep, but when you go into the detail of each one, it only shows the sleep during the night. How can that happen? It registered to total sleep in some way on the app, but when you click on sleep, only registered the night sleep.