Band Notification setup

The new user experience for Notifications on Band needs improving. I’m coming from a Pebble so my expectations are set based on that.

By default, only Phone Call and “Text Message” are enabled, and on my Pixel 3 which comes with “Messages” as the default text message application. Apparently the “Text Message” entry in the Band Notification area does not mean whatever is the current default text application but some mythical app that I don’t have on my phone named that. I had to go into “Other applications” and find Messages to enable them.

Speaking of, why are not all notifications enabled by default? My expectations are that if I enable Notifications that I’ll get all of my phone notifications on my band unless I explicitly turn them off, but this is not the Wyze design currently. Almost nothing is enabled unless I specifically select each and every app that I may want notifications from.

Which brings me to the next point, the “Other applications” section is a mess. It isn’t sorted by recent activity or app Name, but apparently a random order that makes no sense from an end user perspective. Trying to find Messages was a hassle to scroll through pages of names that aren’t in any decipherable order to me. I would also like to see a Select All/None option.

I would prefer for all notification to be enabled upon first user setup and any new apps that are added
Other Applications needs to be sorted either by recent notification activity or name
Select All/None for Other Applications to quickly turn them all off and on