Band Integration with Apple Health

Is Band integration with Apple Health working on the latest IOS application Release? I cannot seem to get the Health app to show any Band heart rate data on my iPhone. The user interface is very confusing as well. After getting into something called HealthKit, the app has a button at the bottom labeled “Authorize”. OK. So when I press that button I get a message that says “Allow HealthKit access” with an Okay button on the bottom. If I press that, the button changes to “Unauthorized”. Does that mean it is now connected? Or does it mean it is not Authorized? Either way, I’m not seeing anything in the Health app that indicates any data from the band is being captured.

Am I doing this wrong, or are we not there yet?

I have the same issue as trmoder. I’m using Wyze Beta App 2.12.25 with the Band’s firmware at None of the data from the Band was transferred to Apple Health.

Also, on the page for HealthKit in the Wyze App, the button being labled “Unauthorized” is confusing. Does it mean that HealthKit is not authorized for the Band or click on the button to unauthorize HealthKit.

After recharging my band, it now seems to be sharing heart rate and sleep data with the Health app. But, for some reason, the band thinks I only got 3 hours sleep last night.

This WYZE band product has more bugs in it than a cheap motel bed!

Same here, I have created a ticket with support. I can’t get any data to sync.

very confusing, band is def not syncing with Apple Health…

Seems like it does at the top of each hour, but not always. I wish we could get some direct answers for how to trigger the push from Wyze to Apple Health.

While it appears that my Band is communicating with the IOS Health app, it is not clear to me what constitutes “syncing”. For example, for me, the number of steps reported by the Band on the WYZE app is averaging 33% more steps, while the distance is averaging 65% more.

The Heart Rate data does seem to transfer from the Band to the Health app properly and in a timely manner. And sleep data transfers, but neither agrees or is anywhere near accurate…it thinks I am only sleeping 3 hours a night.

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I see the same, the steps in the iOS Health app are significantly less than what the band displays.

When in the iOS Health app I go to my profile -> Privacy/Apps -> Wyze -> Data -> Steps, I can see how many steps were written per hour at the top of each hour. However, they don’t add up to the total steps displayed on the band.