Band has stopped working

I received the Band back in April. Easy setup, worked fine. Yesterday it stopped. DOA. Black screen but no response. It was fully charged. Can’t do a reset from a dead device. Sent in a tech ticket [Wyze Ticket 665586], but of course closed for July 4 holiday. Any ideas?

This may be too obvious, but have you tried connecting to the charger. If so, what shows on the band screen?
Can you connect at thru your app? If so, try a reset.


Last week my wife said her WYZE band was dead. Nada. Zip.
Said she charged it all night.

The charger needs to be fully seated on the back of the watch. You shouldn’t be able to move it once it is latched.

That solved my wife’s issue (well, one of them but I’m not leaving) so hopefully rechecking the charger connection will solve yours.

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The charger was my first thought, and I have noticed previously that the charger needs to be seated properly to work. There is nothing on the screen despite repeated taps. There is also nothing on the phone app, so I thought a simple reinstall might help. Nada. Can’t reinstall if the screen on the Band is black.

We haven’t eliminated the charger as a suspect. Do you have another charger or Band? If not, do you have a voltmeter to test the charger?

I am thinking the Band is defective, but as a professional auto tech, I like to test and retest before replacing a faulty part.

I have neither a second Band/charger or voltmeter.

I would contact support

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They have a replacement in the mail.