Band Fit timeline?

Any idea when the Wyze band will have Google Fit integration? I see the scale has it, so I hope it won’t be too long.


Came to ask the same thing… I would love to have the band info integrated with Google Fit!

Last week on the IOT podcast, Stacy had a head of marketing supplies on for an interview. They definitely are actively working on the Google integration. This makes me happy

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So, they talked about it publicly and said they are actively working on it…and that was over 2 months ago, they have started selling the bands again in their shop, and yet there is no new news or any real known progress on this at all… and people wonder why Wyze gets a bad rap.

First they promised Google Fit support on the scale on launch, and didn’t have it, and then made excuses and tried to blame Google for it (when in reality, they just shouldn’t have promised it, or started the “approval” process earlier), Now they have released a fitness band that the ONLY way any of its functions are tracked, viewed, analyzed, browsed, or literally anything, is via the tiny OLED screen on the device, or deep in the Wyze App (Wyze > Band > Scroll to Activity > Select and view).

While I am a fan of Google Fit, at this point, literally ANY app that I could connect the Wyze Band to is not just needed but is a literal brick wall. Without any app to view or sort through the data (combined with the questions of if the Band even tracks the stuff it claims to track accurately) this product is nothing but a fake fitness band. Its a watch with terrible Alexa support that makes people think you have a fitness band.

More over, I am literally shocked by the patience of the Wyze community and how often they look the other way when Wyze craps all over their customers. Overpriced face masks during a pandemic, marked up thermometers, products delivered incomplete and without promised features, a system that fails more often than it succeeds in nearly all of the functions, pretending that its easy to transform a Wyze cam into a webcam (when in reality, the need for a USB A to USB A cable makes it worthless, its something thats harder to find than a webcam itself), blaming companies like Google for their laziness / lack of skill as a development team / poor planning. It is just a crap shoot.

And through all of this, rather than fix or complete any of their existing products, they choose to research (poorly it seems) other products like doorbells, outdoor cameras (didnt they already sell an outdoor housing for the regular Wyze camera), what next smart refrigerators that the cooling feature will come after launch? How long till we as a community stand up and hold Wyze accountable for executing a good idea in a very bad way?

I wish Wyze the best of luck and hope that they one day resolve their issues, but for now, it is hard to continue supporting a company with such little regard for their users and seemingly a sole focus on releasing over hyped, poorly made, cheap products in, again, what seems like a ridiculous money grab.

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no but seriously, @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeTao @WyzeKyle @WyzeJonathan @WyzeAndy
are we ever going to get Google Fit (or literally ANY fitness app) support for the Wyze Band? Its been almost 3 months since you last said “oh we are working on it”. What is there to work on? Why is this taking so long? Why was this product (like so many others) released so incomplete? Unbelievable the level of disrespect that Wyze has for its customers.

We’re starting early stage testing for Google Fit and Apple Health data syncing now, actually. It’s not quite ready for beta yet but it’s getting there. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the frustration! I’ll share your feedback with the team.