Band Firmware Update

I received a band firmware update this morning to, not sure if this was really new or just a delayed update. Anyone know?

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That’s a very good question. My band is currently at v1.0.5.80. I do remember it updated the FW when I set it up 2 weeks ago. And I have seen a couple of posts on FB about changes. When I checked the app this morning, the band does want to update the FW to

I looked at the Release Notes & Firmware page and neither the Band or the Scale are listed yet.
@WyzeGwendolyn, that seems like something that should be corrected quickly.


Nice. Didn’t even notice it. Currently updating now. Curious on the change log.

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Be interested in knowing what the changes were. I thought it was because I reset the band.

Update has been done. I’m already seeing improvements on scrolling and tilt to wake.


Is there a log of changes? I did notice (though it may have always done this) that when I select a ‘data collective’ function in the app, there is a sync or refresh done each time, not just at the opening of the app. For example, select the Activity, Notifications, Heart Rate, etc, and a quick refresh and or data sync is done. Maybe this update will address the connection issues. I don’t remember seeing that before…
The annoying screen activation in water still happens though.

After my band did the lastest update it just keeps dinging my phone (Android) unless I keep the blue tooth turned off. It is driving me nuts with ding, ding, ding until I turn the blue tooth off

it was/is an update from the one mine was shipped with. See my post about what has happened to my band once it updated

Mine is not displaying a FW update but says it’s up to date. :face_with_monocle: Band v1.0.6.02

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That’s odd. Mine is now

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The constant buzzing thing happened to me on my iPhone as well, and finally stopped. I reset everything, removed it from my phone, and now added it back. I have actually done that twice since the firmware update to keep it connected to my phone. I didn’t have to do that before the firmware update.

Why is that odd? That’s the current version. I think @StopICU33 may have misread his version number before.

That’s what I was referring to as odd, his version number.

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This is what I get.

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@StopICU33, I owe you an apology! And @rodaimi, all I can say is wow!

I guess is that both of you are running a different version of the app. (But, I have been wrong before. Obviously!)

I have Android version 2.10.36 and Band FW version The app tells me it is up to date.

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The FW upgrade notifications for the band and the scale should ideally be shown in the main menu with the other Wyze devices.

Given the frequency of the updates, I would like to know quickly when I need to update my FW instead of having to manually click through the menus to device info everytime.

I’m one of those people that don’t like to update stuff unless I know what the update does. Release notes are important to me. Even for beta releases.

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I’m on the beta build of the wyze iOS app. 2.10.32. So that could be a reason. But going from .7 to .26 is a pretty significant jump.

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No harm done :wink:

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I have found that neither the lock or its gateway are on the FW version screen with the rest of the devices.

I had asked about that on the FB announcement, but haven’t learned why these devices are not listed.