Band error 2-257

So I have the and setup on my phone, works fine. Left phone at home for a week, came back and now I can’t get it to connect to me phone.

This has happened a few times and each time I had to completely reset the watch and set it up again, trying to avoid losing all my steps and sleep info.

Any ideas?

Could it be this problem? I’ve never seen error numbers on the band.

Can’t it feed the data to something like Google Fit so you don’t lose your history when it blows up?

Not if it can’t connect to the phone.

The error is on the phone app. Watch seems fine, I just can’t connect to it through the app.

Are you on IOS or Android?

Android on the Beta as well.

I saw a similar issue with my band when it had inadvertently connected to my iPad. Is there any other device with the Wyze app on it that the band may have connected to?

Nope, only my phone. I have it all setup and let me daughter wear it and I synch it every now and then.

And I believe you already stated you are on the latest firmware. Odd indeed. Keep sending logs in and I am sure it will get resolved.

How do I send in logs if I cannot connect to the band?

Delete the band from the Wyze app and re-pair it from scratch. That will work unless your band or phone has a hardware issue in which case try a different phone. If it still won’t pair then you have a defective band and Wyze should replace it.

I have already done that twice, that is what I am trying to prevent to have to do every week. Doing so, I lose the weeks worth of data.

I can sympathize. As the band is not connecting on its own however I don’t see where you have any other viable options? I would certainly pursue a return with Wyze support. Perhaps an exchange?

That is why I was posting here, I thought wyze monitored these forums??

They do! And you may yet get someone who will have other suggestions. As what your describing is not something I personally could replicate, my guess is you have a hardware issue. My band never had much in the way of connectivity issues except for connecting to my iPad once.

You have already apparently run through the common suggestions with apparently no luck. So typically the next level of escalation is an exchange or return.

Do remember these forums are user to user forums. Not Wyze support. If you have exhausted suggestions here try opening a support ticket with the actual paid support group?

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I have already had to do the same thing with mine. Different issue but clearly a hardware problem, and Support was quick to offer, and deliver, a complete new band.
@rbruceporterhas given you good advice IMHOP, and he is very right about these forums being user to user, not Tech Support. If you have tried everything in this Support article, Band Not Connecting to App I would suggest you Open a Ticket With Wyze Support. Be sure to detail all the steps you have gone thru already, as it can shortcut what they may ask to try, and shorten the process.

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Just an observer here but I still don’t get why you’d “lose” any data if you had been pumping it to a 3rd party app (Google Fit, Endomondo, etc.)

I don’t understand that either. I thought the data was stored in the account/cloud or app? Maybe not.

That is very strange, support told me this is to be expected, that if the band is away from the phone for an extended period of time (couldn’t get a definition of what extended was) that it would lose the phone and have to be reset again.

That doesn’t make any kind of technical sense to me, bluetooth doesn’t work like that. It’s a hardware issue, I’m just getting tired of trying to convince them of that.