Band - Day 4

This is the first activity tracking watch I’ve purchased. Bought it because It was very reasonably priced and liked the Alexa integration that can be used as a “remote control” for my smart devices if I’m not close to one of my Alexa or Google assistants. Also bought it for the purpose for which it is intended - curious about tracking my steps, heart rate and sleep habits. It also gives me something to play with during the quarantine.

Yes, I know - the Band is new and will improve over time and these are some early observations. I know it won’t do the same things as say a Fitbit or Garmin will do.

The Band was almost fully charged when I got it and let it charge for a few minutes just to make sure the charging cable worked OK. Battery level is at 82%. Today is Monday and I got it Friday afternoon. The battery level seems to be missing in the app.

Love the weather feature with 4 days of highs and lows.

Screen timeout is way too short. Needs a setting to increase the time the screen is displayed.

Discovered on the Bands Activity screen that if you swipe left, it gives more details about Steps, Heart Rate and Sleep. These advanced displays and graphs are broken down by time are missing in the phone app.

Would like a method to export activity logs for Steps, Heart Rate and Sleep. Maybe e-mail daily activity logs to yourself, doctor, etc.

The Step counter resets every day. It needs more “odometers” and a “trip” counter. Would be nice to display the total number of steps taken since you started wearing it, step count by day, week, month, etc. Like to have a feature that would measure number of steps in a specific time period like a combination steps/stop watch feature where it would measure the number of steps taken during in a time frame.
Band Screens


I was looking at the app and if you bring up the band activities screen, you can tap it and get more details. The default shows the current week. You can see your cumulative steps for the week at the bottom.

If you tap the little arrow next to the date range, it will show you the previous week and its total step count. You can change the view to monthly and get the total steps for the month.

But as you point out, there does not seem to be a way to get a total from day 1. That would be a good Wish List request.

Got busted for posting this in the wish list category. Did find the daily stats for steps and sleep but the small graphs on the band itself where it shows an hourly graph isn’t available in the app. Heart rate graph is but not the others.

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Yeah, I’ve heard that others like the graphs on the band and they aren’t on the app. Hopefully, they’ll start adding those types of things to the app views,

Personally, those graphs on the screen are WAY too small for me to see without a magnifying glass. :upside_down_face:


It’s almost seems like the graphs displayed on the Band were a mistake and they should have been in the app :grinning:


They actually are in the app. If you press the “Activity” picture in the app, it will give you that information there, too. Many of the features on the band are similar in the app. :slight_smile:


@DreadPirateRush, it was pointed out to me that the graph on the app does NOT show the details that are seen on the screen. The screen shows hour by hour (I think) and the app only shows the night in a single bar with the totals.

There is a Weekly view and a Monthly view. All they need to add is a Daily view.


Thanks, I see your point. In that case, someone should submit this as a #wishlist request AFTER it’s available outside of Early Access. :slight_smile:


the limited daily graph in the app is my biggest gripe, the band appears to be breaking down by the hour but the screen is way to small to be helpful. Definitely need it in the app.


The battery level doesn’t appear to be displayed by default. From settings within the app you can enable the battery level display.

Already enabled the battery display but was curious why the battery level wasn’t available in the app :thinking:

it is in settings

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The battery level can be found in the screen when you tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

BTW: Mine is at 75% after 5 full days. That seems a little better than they stated. But, we’ll see,

I 100% agree but I’d extend that to all of the data vis in the app and the useless graphs on the band. It’s very rudimentary and presents info that isn’t explained. There’s plenty of examples of fitness tracker UI that presents the date much more effectively.

the good news is, they are working on it :slight_smile:


A year from now I doubt we will even recognize the app! But that’s a good thing!


Can I just agree with the timeout time being short…

Just by your description, it sounds like the band is not syncing with the app? Do you have the Wyze app on multiple devices? If you do, the device you are viewing the app on must also be the device that is paired to the band. Bluetooth can be a finicky gremlin… causing odd issues. If that’s not your situation, keep trying the ol’ (Windows re-install) technique or contact Wyze directly and start a case. They are listening…bugs are out there :joy:

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Have the Wyze app on two tablets to view the cam, etc. as well as my phone but only have Bluetooth turned on the phone and not on the tablets. Yes Bluetooth can be cranky :grin:

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Tested the Band sync while my vehicle was connected via Bluetooth and phone to vehicle and Band to phone worked without issue. Don’t know if this has something to do with the Band not showing up in my saved Bluetooth device list on my phone.

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