Band countdown timer

We currently have alarms on the Band which are very useful, but a countdown/timer feature would be very helpful.

examples, I currently use my phone for quick timers I need for things like the laundry, or the dishwasher or any numerous items I’m working on in my garage But the ability to quickly set a 20 minute timer on the band which is on me and not sitting somewhere soon to be misplaced like my phone, would be insanely helpful to me and many other people I’m sure. it would also help many i’m sure in doing timed sets for exercises as the band is much better placed with you than your phone.

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I agree. A stopwatch would also be very useful!


Love the band so far. One really handy addition would be a stopwatch function!


wouldn’t be helpful or escential to have a timer on your wyze band? Usefull for exercising, cooking, and numerous of stuff just something basic on a watch.

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I would think adding a timer would be easy enough to do and many would find it so useful as you say for exercise, cooking and so much else.


Agreed; I would primarily like a stopwatch for exercising/lap counting. Timers would be useful, too, but I’m not sure how the interface with setting a timer would be - might be too much trouble as opposed to using a phone.


I use the stopwatch feature on all my digital watches constantly. I love my Wyze Band, but are desperate for that feature. Alexa does not cut it.


Ditto here - am waiting for the stopwatch (with lap) feature before I purchase one…it’s my #1 used feature for fitness on my sports watches. Alexa/timers/alarms are not adequate.

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I could use a stopwatch too. However, if nothing else or if that’ll take a long time to be implemented, showing the seconds might sometimes hold up as a workaround. Please and thank you!

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Countdown timer would be amazing. I have an hour lunch that I take at different times every day. Having a countdown would make it possible to remember when to clock back in.

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We have a stopwatch in testing now! :slight_smile:



thank you @WyzeGwendolyn :upside_down_face:

That’s great news!!!

Awesome :clap: :clap:

I was happy to see a stopwatch added to the new toolkit. But I would really love to see a Timer added. Is this being worked on?


I haven’t heard of us working on the timer yet but I’ll suggest it to the team! As of today, we added a stopwatch with app 2.13. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update.

How do I get app 2.13 or does it come automatically.

Depends whether you are on iOS or Android but should be on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Thanks for fielding this, Jason!

And you’re welcome for the info, Alan. :slight_smile:

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