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Just received my Band yesterday (4/21) and was playing with the settings and added four pictures from my photo album on my iPhone. I found the maximum number of pictures you can add is four. Unfortunately I can not delete or change the four I added. I actually reset my device this morning to try to clear the saved pictures. After going through the set up process and configuring the band the original pics are still there. Any help in deleting the pictures would be appreciated.


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You can actually save more than 4 pictures, I currently have 10, not sure what the limit is. But there appears to be no way to delete pictures we add. What was Wyze thinking?

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Resist that’s weird. I jut tried to added another one right now and no luck, it didn’t save to my clockfaces but one I tried to added yesterday and it didn’t add yesterday is suddenly there today. Hopefully an updated will resolve the issue.

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There does seem to be a lot of ‘updates’ needed with this band. Then again we are early access, so in a way we are beta testing more thoroughly. Of the faces, I like the large font numbers but would rather have the date instead of am/pm displayed…I know which side of 12:00 I’m on :joy:…sorry off topic a bit

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Wouldn’t it be nice if Wyze answered all out questions with a comprehensive owners manual?

Have you seen this?

It doesn’t answer all our questions.

User guides are almost never published anywhere now. None of my Apple products had a user guide. They are all going to online guides like @Loki pointed out. Since a firmware or software update can render significant portions of a traditional user guide out of date faster than it can be published it just does not make sense anymore.

Instead Forums like this are often used to help as well as published articles on web sites. If you have specific questions let fly. Plenty of folks willing to help.


If you’ll make a list of questions which are not answered in the online guide, I can pass that list along to Wyze to ask the support team to consider adding to the guide.

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I understand that but Wyze could of had a comprehensive guide online, something they could update as the software changes. Tesla does this for their cars, and Wyze could do this for their products as well.

They do, and it’s updated over time. The band is not a car, and to compare a Tesla to a 20 dollar watch is a rather silly. My 450 dollar Apple Watch has a great online manual but it’s not even close to Tesla’s documentation.

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The comparison is not silly. My point was that a complicated car has a comprehensive online manual that’s updated. But what Wyze has for the Band is lacking in even the most simple details…like what do the home screen icons mean. Those aren’t going to change yet they’re not in there.

There are some holes in the information. Over time they will get filled in. But I stand by what I said. You can’t compare a Tesla with a 20 dollar watch. Any way you slice it that’s a silly comparison.

Regarding Band clock face options. Only one layout has the current step count. I’d like to see the option to add current step count to any of the layouts. I realize it might not fit on a couple of them but the layout I prefer with larger time in upper left, smaller date/day in upper right has lots of room at the bottom for steps.
Taking that further, adding current temp as option to clock face would be nice as well.
I’ll stop there.

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If you think it’s silly then obviously you missed my point. How did Wyze leave holes in the information of the most basic things? I’ll tell you how…their lack doing a quality job from the start. Clearly you’re a Wyze fanboy of you can’t even admit they messed this up. You don’t release a product without some sort of manual explaining what customers are going to want to know. Come on man!

No I am not a fanboy as you put it. But I am a fan of Tesla. For the money you spend on a Tesla it had better be a quality product with documentation on a par with the expense.

For my Wyze band I have a hugely lower set of expectations, and my definition of acceptable will shift accordingly. That’s normal. It would be very silly of me to expect a 1980’s Yugo which could be bought brand new for 2000 to compare in any way with a similar vintage Rolls Royce.

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Okay so we disagree. But like Steve Jobs, I expect quality and perfection. Now granted it’s a trade off for a low price but, I would never had bought more products from Wyze if the Band was their first product with it’s current software. Luckily their WyzeCams were great and made me a return customer. Look, I just wish companies would stop rushing to market unfinished products and that was down with the Band.

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Can’t argue with that. Unfortunately it appears to be endemic. When Apple & Samsung both release a $1000.00 phone that has serious issues in the same year it says a lot about the state of the industry.