Band Bluetooth connection problem

Initially intermittent problems with band. Now band will not connect at all. Have tried the suggestions and nothing works. Does not connect to Android either.

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I have intermittent issues with the band connecting on Android, in my case i am able to get it working by turning bluetooth off and on again on my phone. I submitted logs and let support know during the submission of my workaround.

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That’s what I did initially - a pain. Now it won’t connect at all. Glad I only wasted about $25, but still …

Part of early access is helping find bugs that were not found in Beta. I am sure that Wyze will be glad to help you out on it. If you have not already, I would suggest you submit logs to them. On mine about the 3rd failed connection it prompted for me to submit the logs. That will open a case and give them info they need to help diagnose the issue. The only way you wasted $25 is if you gave up on it, threw it in the trash and didn’t bother to let them help.

I’ll give that a try. How do I submit a log if the band cannot connect to phone?

You should report it by going to the Wyze Band > top right ( … ) > Report an Issue**. My band says “couldn’t connect to band, tap to try again (24-133)”. However, I still could report the issue and submit the log.

Did you try to do this?

This helps for me when I walk out of range from phone and it disconnects. It doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t automatically reconnect when I’m near my phone though on Android.

Thanks. I’ve submitted a log. I’ve switched to my SE (old) and after several tries it connected. It still seems to be a random thing. Strange that it would never connect to the 7+.