Band - any luck with fixing pairing issue?

Hi everyone. For those that have had issues with pairing (not connection drops), has anyone figured out a work-around? I initially connected via my iPhone 8. After the firmware upgrade last week, I can’t pair with either phones or my iPad Air 3. I have an open ticket but no feedback yet on it. Happy to hear if there are similar issues and especially fixes. Thanks!

I only set up my band yesterday, but I believe it can only pair with one device. So if you chose your iPhone 8 as that device, that would be the only device that can talk to the band.

The process to ‘move’ the band from one device to another is complicated enough where you wouldn’t do it casually. I believe it requires a reset of the band (making it forget previous pairings and settings), removing the band from your app, and removing it from Bluetooth settings. Then you would start the setup process anew on the new primary device you would like to use to control the band.

Thanks. I did all that to no avail. I used the prescribed methods of removing from the app, the device, resetting the band, rebooting the band and device, etc. The band is now in initial pairing mode (shows the code), and the Wyze app “sees” the band since the code pops up on the Add Device screen. However, pairing fails after clicking the code on that screen.

Did you remove it from Bluetooth settings also? The band may still be paired with the previous device.

I believe so. However, that phone is now reset as well (i.e. wiped clean for my daughter). So I can’t go back and ensure it was done correctly. However, I would think (but could be wrong) that after doing the “reset” on the band, it should pair to a new phone.

I did like the band for the few days it worked for me and would love to have it operational again. The scary part is that since it doesn’t pair, it can’t receive any of the firmware updates. It seems like it will have to be an update to the Wyze app to “fix” the issue. Hoping…

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