Bad push notification that Alexa is supported.



I have push alerts turned off in my iOS app and just received a push notification that Alexa is supported.

Not cool.

First, already knew and don’t care. Please don’t use app notifications for marketing.

Second, it’s 7:30 in the morning and I was up all night, if I have push notifications disabled in the app, please honor that. I guess I’ll disable them in iOS instead.


Agree. Part of the message even had chineese characters. At first I tought that the camera or cloud service had been hacked.

Hope I won’t start getting those kind of notifications.


Interesting. I have push turned off only in the app. In iOS I have push allowed for Wyze and banners set to persistent. But I didn’t see this. Makes me wonder where it came from. Could it have come from the Alexa app vs Wyze?