Bad picture after upgrade

PanCam picture last night before upgrade (on left) and and picture this morning after upgrade (on right).

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Welcome to the forums! Looks like there are two different lighting conditions going on. Right photo has bright strong sun shining through and into the floor. I suspect the camera is adjusting the white balance and exposure level different than what appears to be an overcast day in the photo on the left. The camera adjustments to the picture I bet and adjusting the colors and hues making say the rug to appear to have a different color.

Looks to me like the camera is fine, just has two totally seperate lighting conditions going on that the camera is processing. One at 9 am in the morning and the other at 8 pm.


If anything the extra light and contrast makes the second photo better. Check out the detail in the couch wrinkles and the floor heating register. You can very clearly see the room gate that is essentially invisible in the first photo. And so on.

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Very tough to make a call on “picture quality” here. As @Omgitstony said, very different conditions.

“Customer” made me laugh out loud. The gate isn’t visible because it isn’t installed in that left picture. In that case…the chairs on the right picture have more definition because the backpacks aren’t on them. Sorry…not trying to be mean…just found it humorous.

I guess I was just concerned about the purple hue on the left and the graininess in the lower right on the picture on the right. I can get behind the lighting conditions being completely different. I had just done an update (and it had been a while) and it looked off.

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No problem, glad to be of service. :slight_smile:
I thought what must be a bannister was a part of the gate in the first photo.

Of course there are other examples. The details on the refrigerator and the wall with switches are much better on the second photo as well.

The exposure level on all of my WYZE cameras has changed. The images are overexposed as a result, and it often leaves a significant part of the video entirely washed out. This wasn’t the case from ~October 2018 through ~March of 2020 or thereabouts.

I’m posting this here to voice my experience and I hope if enough people have the same complaint the exposure level will either be dialed back or a customizable feature will be introduced.

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