Background Audio

This has to be a no-brainer coupled with local area functionality which means the audio/video would transmit within the network. The Kodak Cherish line of cameras does this quite smoothly but having this functionality on the Wyze cam would make it the perfect camera + baby monitor all in one. I’m no software engineer but surely this is relatively easy to implement!

It would be nice to turn the display off but keep the audio active so you could listen out for your baby at night and to be able to hear multiple cameras at once when viewing grouped cameras if you have multiple kids but in separate rooms.

I still believe Wyze is missing a large baby monitoring market opportunity by ignoring this feature. Heck make it so you have to have cam plus for the feature and I’d still pay. I would replace my current camera with a Wyze camera in a heartbeat should this feature become available.

Sadly enough, for those that remember - when Wyze first came out this was an actual option: “Audio only” was a 3rd option from the SD/HD streaming modes. The issue at the time was no background option (on iOS at least - it was not treated as background music stream).

Maybe worth for every user here sending an email to support and asking for the feature.

I am also amazed that something so simple, given it already exists (just requires another option without video stream), is not implemented given how many people use these for baby cameras.

This has been on Wyze’s radar for quite some time, and even used to be an available feature.

Adding this unlocks a huge market for Wyze as a baby monitor and seems like a no brainer.

Can we get an update @WyzeGwendolyn ?


I AGREE!!! Would love to have this feature for baby monitoring!!!

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Voted. Allowing audio-only would open up a huge market to parents who want simple monitoring without draining their phone/tablet batteries at night and without having the screen glare bother them.

A bonus feature would be a settable filter that would mute the volume unless it exceeds a certain threshold. This allows the phone to save even more battery life by not playing constant background noise, and it eliminates parents from having to constantly listen to the baby’s white-noise machine.


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, can we please get an update on this audio only feature?

Thank you.