Background Audio

Absolutely I wish this was available.

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Please. PLEASE. PLEASE add this! Simple feature and opens up a whole other market for your device.

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63 requests to use our Wyze cameras for audio only with the ability to turn off the camera video feed and turn off the screens on our phones, and no update yet? That’s not very wise.

Also no matter how many times I have tried to connect it to my Alexa screen there is an error every time no matter what I do.

Let’s get a move on :slight_smile:

I just received my first Wyze Cam for a new baby monitor after Cocoon Cam literally went under from the virus. The price was great. Wide camera lens great. Picture great. Everything was perfect until I discovered this issue… It makes it really hard to use as a baby monitor. Is there any known workaround???

It’s sad that this has been an issue for users over 2 years and there is no reply. The #roadmap link seems broken to me. 314 users need this NOW.

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I’ve been using TinyCam Pro for background audio for my nursery Cam.

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Voted! This would be a great feature add that would make this a great solution for monitoring the kids.

Also bought this as a monitor. Please add!

Would absolutely love this feature. That crazy things is, sometimes the app will play the selected camera audio in the background (Android). I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it. But it happens. Usually when I don’t need it lol

gonna add my vote, and and my comment for this too. Please move this from “maybe-later” to roadmap! As of now, it would be the 14th most voted item if it were on the Roadmap.

Wyze product managers, hear our plea! :slight_smile:


It’s been 2 years since I also requested background audio be a feature for the purposes of a baby monitor. I too have been using TinyCam, however it only seems to allow one client at a time, so the wife and I can’t concurrently have the monitor up or check in remotely. The kid is now over 2 years old and another is on the way. At this rate, they’ll be out of the house before we have the feature.

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I have a Wyze camera in my toddlers room to monitor him during the day while he plays. Wish I could use this at night but I have to leave my iPad open to the app the whole night which isn’t ideal. I also wish I could use our other Wyze camera in our nursery but without the background audio feature I’ll be looking for another monitor. Hopefully this is something that gets moved along

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Hoping background audio feature will be fast tracked for iOS since it is now available for Android. Please Wyze! You’d have so many more/new users for baby monitoring purposes alone! #wishlist #roadmap @Wize

Yup…this would be a great feature!

This would be a great add for use as a nighttime baby monitor. It would also be handy for monitoring other events (i.e. kids playing in another room) while I am busy with other tasks. Now I need to force my phone or computer to not enter sleep mode in order to keep the sound (and camera) on. This eats battery life on my device limiting how long I can use the camera as a monitor.