Background Audio



I had to revert to foscam too because of the lack of background audio.


Would like to hear audio when my phone is locked when using as a baby monitor


I have two little ones and lots of friends with babies/kids. If the app allowed background audio when I’m using other apps or my phone is locked Wyze Cam would hands down be the cheapest/best baby monitor and I would tell all my friends to buy one (or three!).

Seriously, your Wyze Cam sales will shoot through the roof if you just add this one feature. Other than Wyze Cam I have used the Cloud Baby Monitor App on an iPod touch (fantastic app but expensive for the iPod touch and no night vision), Cocoon Cam (expensive), and old fashioned audio monitors (no video).


Not sure we’ll ever see this, but it wouldn’t hurt to vote for this up above


Yes, I both voted and commented to make sure my 2 cents count!