Background Audio

Not sure we’ll ever see this, but it wouldn’t hurt to vote for this up above

Yes, I both voted and commented to make sure my 2 cents count!

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I was just looking for how to do this today (using iOS here). Disappointed that this app doesn’t do what any radio app will, that is leave the sound on when the phone or tablet locks. I don’t want to leave the display on.

Seems like this would be simple to implement, not sure why it needs to be a “Maybe later” item. If you think some will complain about it, then make it an option in settings.


I don’t speak for Wyze’s dev team, but I will point out a couple things. Wyze does not have unlimited development resources. Running a slim efficient operation is part of why they can offer the products at the prices they do. Ease of development is a relative thing. It may not take a huge number of man-hours, but there is testing, etc involved. Also, it has to be done for iOS and Android at the same time, which may present different issues.

So it comes down to matters of priority. While votes is not the sole determinant of priority, this particular wish isn’t in the top 25 of vote getters yet. All of that may help explain its “maybe-later” status.

One possible workaround is to add your Wyze Cam to TinyCam Monitor which does support background audio. The only downsides are that the app is Android only, and you need the Pro version, which is $4.

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Has any thought been given to adding an option of turning the screen off but leaving the sound on? This would be useful for parents who use their wyze cam to monitor their babies. It have the advantage of saving the battery while still allowing parents to listen to their baby. What are your thoughts?


@Roman yeah we’ve been requesting this feature since last year but no idea if they are even thinking about implementing it


VOTE for that option here:

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I would also really like this feature. I use wyze cam as a baby monitor.

Voted! Please add this!

Yes and no. I’m a HUGE fan of TinyCam Pro but if you are logged in with more than ONE TinyCam app, then the audio just straight refuses to connect :frowning: Currently, only one TinyCam Pro connection at a time!

Not sure what the root cause is, but if either co “fixes the glitch” i’ll report back.

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Good to know, I use TinyCam Pro but have not put it on multiple devices yet, but plan to.

Sad to see this get such little traction. Without background audio with the screen locked, we’ll have to go find a different Wifi camera. It’s literally the only missing feature otherwise I’m a diehard Wyze fan (the bulbs are lighting my living room and family room right now).


Yes! Please add this feature! Would make for a great baby cam if this feature existed.

Ugh, yes! Bought 5 of these intending to use 4 as baby/kid monitors. Just returned all but one as this is a must have feature for us. So disappointed. Will keep an eye on this for the future though, voted!

There is a workaround if you download the free tinycam app on Android. I don’t know if it’s available on iOS or not. this app will connect to your cameras and we’ll run sound in the background even with the screen off. This is what I ended up doing for our camera in our nursery.

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Thanks! Unfortunately no iOS app and (if we had android devices) based on comments above, you can only access audio from one logged in account at a time. Which means my husband and I couldn’t access audio monitor at the same time, which we can do with the cameras we ended up buying. I really wanted to love these. We have several different kinds of cameras in our house and we’d like to switch over to one system, but so far no luck!

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1 vote here!

I’ve been a diehard wyze cam supporting from early on. Many great added features…but this is the 1 that keeps it from being the beat cam on the market.

I have referred MANY people to buy the cams…I’m guessing between 50 and 75 sales from referrals. At least that many did NOT buy them however, because this feature is not present. This is to say: this is a feature that keeps folks from buying the product so existing customers are not here to vote for it. Highly important feature.