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Love these cameras but the one major missing feature is being able to play background audio (listen to camera with screen off or when using another app) on my iPhone. Any plans to add this so we can use these as baby monitors without draining our phone battery?

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Feature request: background audio
Play sound when phone locked
Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

Agreed! It would be SO nice (esp. for infant monitoring) to be able to listen to a camera after I switch to a different app … would be like having Pandora, MLB At Bat audio, etc. playing in the background. If implemented, I’d probably use the Wyze app much more frequently as well since I’m currently locked into the app for monitoring vs. being able to switch to a different app to get actual work done! If could just have this feature and Landscape support throughout the app (for my iPad), I’d rate it 5 stars in the App Store. ?


I’d also love this, again for a baby monitor


Just found out the hard way. We need the option to stream audio with screen off. This is a must


Add me to the list!


+1 how can we up vote this to the roadmap?


I would like to use the Wyze as a baby monitor. However, it’s not feasible to leave the app open and phone unlocked all night long.

Is there anything in the works to allow the app to stay connected to the camera and output sound even when the phone is locked?

If this were ever put under consideration, I think you would also need an alert if the camera ever disconnected (due to power or network issues).


I’ve moved this topic over to the #roadmap. Please scroll up to the top of the page and click the VOTE button for your vote to count.


Would like to have audio monitored on phone while the screen is off. Had this feature on a different app/camera setup, but that camera failed.

It was a Motorola camera and the Android app is called “Monitor Everywhere”. It does exactly what everyone here is expecting.


I would also like to see this feature! Voted!:ballot_box_with_check:


Voted! This would be a great feature! I currently have to rely on my iBaby camera for baby monitoring because their app supports background audio. This seems like it would be an easy feature to implement and I know many people would use it.


Voted. Was super disappointed when I found that this did not work. Currently my screen has to stay on all night long. Bonus points if you can make audio from two cameras at the same time happen. Otherwise love the cams. Thanks.


Voted. This would be a great addition to the new version of the app.


Yeah this would be a good suggestion. I have to leave my tablet plugged in all night. I noticed with the wyze app v2 update, the app shut off by itself after some time. Anyone else notice that? I had to downgrade the app to use it all night again without it turning off.


Foscam cameras can continue playing audio in the background via the ufoscam app. Very handy feature to be able to use the cameras as audio baby monitors and not have to have your screen on.




+1 I need this feature as well to monitor my baby. Most indoor cameras nowadays offer this feature.



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This needs to happen! I have 5 Foscam’s and have this feature. I may have to revert back to all Foscam if this feature doesn’t get added.