Back button in forum in Wyze App

Please change the behavior of the Forum back button so that you aren’t taken all the way out to Help & Feedback. The back button should just take the operator one level back. If I’m in a forum thread, take me back to the forum. If I’m in a forum take be back to the list of forums. Etc.

This is probably best accomplished by Wyze by popping you out to your default web browser rather than presenting the forum within the app. In the mean time, a workaround is to bookmark in your mobile web browser which will let it behave as you describe.


Yeah, we definitely don’t have the smoothest integration there yet. Sorry about that!

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Good suggestion for them depending on how much effort there is to update the app behavior. And good suggestion, I’ll probably use my browser on Wyze forums from now on. Just not as convenient when I’m already in the app. Thanks.

No worries. I’d have thought this would already be a wishlist item or in progress but didn’t see it so figured I’d make it official. Maybe in a future update.

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This is very frustrating! It’s one of my reasons I do not come here that often.
Another irritation is that the keyboard (on android) covers the posting area so I can not see what I am writing without closing the keyboard!

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I’ve been posting here a lot and use Firefox on Android phone (okay, technically it’s Fennec) nearly exclusively. I haven’t had a single problem. Keyboard is fine, back button works as expected. If anything I prefer it to the desktop experience.

I’ve seen similar behavior on the iOS app when making posts. Most notable is not being able to get back up to see + modify the forum subject.