Baby monitoring feature wishlist

Each of these road map features are very viable through software and has a lot of potential as in app purchases

  1. Detecting babies outlines and movements this is critical for monitoring and filtering certain critical artifacts like breathing patterns and other cues
  2. Monitoring baby breathing. This can give parents a continuous log of breathing patterns for the baby and also alerts if there are abnormalities. There is a really huge market for this due to the fear around SIDS. There are products in the market with this feature that cost upwards of $200.
  3. Baby milestone recording: Auto detect when the baby is doing something out of the ordinary and record this for an extended period. This feature is awesome for parents who dont want to miss the baby’s fist step or the first time they flip over to their tummy, or their first call to mama. These features along with the pan feature in the cam would be an awesome addition.
  4. Ability to play predetermined tracks over the cam speaker on detecting motion. This could be white noise to sooth the baby back to sleep

I would add to this the ability to detect not just sound but a babies cry. So if there were soft music from a toy playing the camera would ignore it, but if it heard crying then it could send a notification to those with the app.