AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

Am I the only one who finds it amusing that we have been bombarded in the last few days with emails about how great Wyze is? CNET and all? I think a proper way to handle this mess from a company point of view would to just be quiet for a while and not brag while everyone is still kind of upset/annoyed and rethinking at what just happened, I’m sure that if the CNET people had a Wyze ecosystem that failed for 24 hours, the results may have been different,

Their home monitoring system is highly nuanced and inconsistent at best. I would not recommend it.

Since I purchased and signed up in for the Home Monitoring system and service in May, I think I’ve had 1 month of actual working service.

I have some holiday lights connected to several Kasa smart plugs and scheduled to turn on and off with SmartThings. Last night, as I was heading to bed, I noticed that all my Wyze plugs and cameras had flashing status lights. I realized that I lost my internet connection, which happens more frequently than I’d like.

I knew that the SmartThings hub wouldn’t turn off my lights so I got out my iPhone and opened the Kasa app. All the devices showed “Local Only” but I selected the lights and turned them off. Couldn’t do that with Wyze.


I have no fix for you, only a sympathy story, stop reading if you’ve no interest in that. :slight_smile:

Yesterday morning my six v2 cams were just stupidly erratic for live viewing in a group and singly. I looked at my mesh app and one of the cams had migrated to an access point (AP) that is NEVER better re reception for that cam - so that explained that cam. But not the rest.

I closed down the apps and found something productive to do.

Last night, EVERYTHING WAS CRAZY ROBUST, like it was designed to work GOOD.

I had done nothing but set the stuff aside and come back later.

(Note: It is my opinion that the erratic device behavior described above is not related to the AWS outage. I have experienced it many times before.)

There are several sealed HMS kits available on EBAY now for around $60. Are you required to enable the monitoring service just to use the hub with the sensors? The old V1 door/window sensors are starting to cost over $20 each now, so this could be a way to upgrade to the new ones.

May be it can help.
Still had 2 cameras out of 5 that did not detect Person AI motion.
So this morning tried something, after having tried most of the fixes seen here, short of deleting and restarting.
So on the 2 cameras I did increase the “Motion Detection sensitivity” up to maximum 100 and now they are detecting Person Motion.
All cameras were set to 40 and worked before the outage.

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This is great - TP-Link says exactly which products will do it and exactly how to go local-only. This is the model for Wyze to follow.

No…you can just add them as devices. Not sure about the environmental ones, though. I setup mine that way initially for contact and motion sensors. Some features are unavailable without HMS. For example, all contact sensors will sound a chime when opened. Also no siren.

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For all the folks demanding local control options the “official” wishlist item is hiding at

Still very much listed as “maybe-later”, which is Wyzespeak for “pound sand”. I would expect / hope to see that change pretty soon?

My experience is limited. Only have the plugs, one switch, one outlet and a power strip. Just happy that some work without the internet. Same reason I’m using z-wave switches. Work just like an old fashioned single pole switch…it turns on and off.


My Z-Wave devices never went down even on the App through the Internet. My Z-Wave is controlled via my Ademco AlarmNet security system, which also stayed up during the AWS outage.

I did receive a email notification of Communication Error but when I checked it was working fine as the AlarmNet service has 4 redirecters as they call them, likely 4 different servers of which one may have been AWS. The panel switched to the alternate path immediately and everything continued to work as it always had.

Z-Wave also has local control too in the event of Internet outage and alarm communicator failure that is another path to controlling Z-Wave.

The Ademco system is UL listed security equipment where the Wyze HMS is not, so you get what you pay for in this case. The Monitoring and Home Automation from GeoArm starts at $10-21 per month depending on services you choose.

Went through the pain of deleting and adding back the Wyze senseless hub. (Home Monitoring Service) and went through reconnecting etc. Still not operational using the app. HMS will not load.

Call Wyze Support. They are open right now.

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This :point_up_2:


Would rather complain about it than call CS or return for refund :rofl:

To the ill-informed. I’m on my second HMS system since May. The first unit took 7 inquiries and calls to finally have them replace the unit.

Now if you call today, you’ll get the “hold times longer than expected” mantra. I’ve called already. So thanks for worthless advice.

FYI… I’m on hold currently with Wyze support and the hold message says on a loop “thank you for calling wyze. We are currently experiencing higher than average volume due to an AWS outage that is impacting our device functionality and services. Our team is working hard to get everything up and running as soon as possible.”

Based on this message, it seems to imply the AWS outage issues are not 100% resolved as previously indicated and Wyze is aware of this. I know this isnt the answer any of us are looking for, but it seems like we just need to continue to wait and hope at some point our paid services such as Cam+ and Home Monitoring and other devices are restored to normal functionality.

I’m still on hold after 30 minutes but will update further once/if I’m able to speak to someone.


Since you’ve tried 2 units without success, You should Return the system for a refund and move on.

There are far better security systems than Wyze available, why keep trying to make the Wyze HMS junk work.

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