AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/5/20

Yes, please!
Starting immediately needs to be the highest of highest of all highest most priorities. I can’t say that very fast. :joy:


Look like Wyze is listening …just got a pop-up window when I opened the app.


Same here! :+1:


I got the pop-up too. :clap: :clap:


Couple of days too late!

The pop up is a different issue for today


is the AWS functionality required for the OWC to detect and trigger? I’m seeing a huge degradation in its function today. it’s just not detecting like it did on day 1.

Worked on my motorcycle for an hour no more than 20ft from it and it only captured 1 motion event.

I have one camera that is set to detect motion/record at certain times, even though the settings are set it quit recording a few days ago. I’ve turned it off and then back on but nothing.

Is it also possible that after this update, Wyze is sucking up the battery power?

My phone was charged this morning, and less than 4 hours later, it’s down to less than 25%, which doesn’t normally happen until after at least 10 hours.

Wyze, Apple, Google, Amazon … Basically all of them have hidden access features that allow them to push out changes without having to ask the users permission. And, NO, I don’t like it.

@zeveli What battery usage app is that? I’d like to check it out myself…

It’s just the iOS battery status in Settings.

So I notice that if a device is offline and a motion detector is calling for it, then the battery is drained faster, but once the device is back online, then things seem fine.

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Ah, no wonder I didn’t recognize it…I’ve never used an apple device (well, not since around the 1980’s). That battery feature is nice. I haven’t found an android version I’ve found very impressive yet.

Is it down again?

Looks like it, just frustrated and tired of Wyze not getting their act together after the first major outage

I just checked mine not seeing any issues yet. If more complaints come in then something must be up.

/edit: Looks like more are having issues with the sensors as well.



I’m having sensor issues currently.


Another Friday and no one from wyze helps

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Sensor are broke again if you haven’t notice yet…


Sensor issues and motion issues

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