AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/5/20

Hi, folks!

Some of you may be starting to get spammed with notifications or your Wyze products may be suddenly switching settings repeatedly. AWS did IoT maintenance today so some people had delayed notifications or setting changes and some are having them all catch up at once. Our apologies for the experience.


Do you think this would cause sensors to show open when they aren’t and plugs to show on when they are off? Wacky times here.

Yup! That’s the issue I’m talking about here. Sorry about that!

No worries. Glad to know it isn’t an alien vortex.

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Ya know… With how 2020 has gone so far, I don’t think I’d even blink at that.


Yeah, my cams are working now, but I am still getting duplicate notifications from an hour ago or so. I’m sure these will clear out in a few hours though.

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Thanks for letting me know! Sorry you’re still getting the duplicate notifications, YeahThatCeeToo.

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My sensors are not registering new motion detection and show the last motion detection occurring around 4 hours ago and I keep getting false notifications. Plus none of my wyze bulbs are turning on with motion. They are and have been turning on randomly though. Is this also a result of the maintenance?


Yes, that sounds like the maintenance issue. It will clear up later and we’re sorry for the difficulty.

Ok thank you. I was worried I was going to have to delete and reinstall all my wyze products. I’m glad I won’t have to👍🏼

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The notifications have been going non-stop for the last 5 hours. What’s worse is that my motion detectors control my lights, and it was like the twilight zone for almost an hour before I looked into the issue. When everything works it’s great, but when it breaks, it’s really crappy!

My motion sensors are displaying the wrong status as well as my lights.


Thanks for this. I thought it might’ve strangely had something to do with updating the beta app today since it coincidentally started causing me problems around the same time:

I was about to send in logs and a support ticket. Thanks for reassuring me it’s just some maintenance, no biggy. I’ll check it out again tomorrow or whatever. Everything seemed to work except for sensor status changes. Maybe make sure customer service knows so they aren’t giving away more free sensors like they always do when standard troubleshooting doesn’t fix things. :slight_smile:


@zeveli, it definitely sounds like you got a worse version of this and that really stinks. We’re sorry. :frowning:

@Steve75 and @carverofchoice, glad we caught you before you did those things!


Would you mind sharing the AWS status link for the IoT maintenance? I don’t seem to find it on them.

Also would appreciate if the app can have some kind of notification/banner for affected users to be aware of the issue rather than coming to the status page and the forum. Don’t want to be mean but kinda wasted an hour or so trying figure out why the wyze bridge/sense is not working.

Thank you for looking into it.


I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware of that link so I’m not able to provide it. I’ll definitely be asking for it in the future!

I’ll share your app feedback with the team. I don’t think that you were mean with this at all and totally get where you’re coming from.


I leave one camera running 24/7 and turn the rest off when we’re home. Once it gets dark, I turn the rest on. Tonight I noticed they won’t even stay on. Is maintenance the reason? Also when the cameras switch to night time, the IR lights automatically come on even though they’re toggled off. I have to go in, turn it on then off to get them to go off. The light thing started after the latest update.

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I’m having the same issue. 3 cams will not stay on, cam pan is fine. I turn them on on app and after viewing one, all are off upon return to home screen.

It’s still happening, I thought it was fixed for almost an hour but started happening again…

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Yup, My new-today-arriving WCO still says offline :frowning: That’s why I am trying to find out the AWS status link to see if this is an AWS issue or Wyze issue. I was guessing all these WCO arrived today might caused an overload on the server XD.

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