Awesome Camera - Needs some more software updates (Wink, Multiple Schedules, etc)


I love this camera for the price. I love the cloud storage for notifications.

Big issue thought. I can’t actually use the notifications because it only lets me set one static window to record like people have the same schedule every day. And that people only want 1 window recorded. However, like nearly 100% of people we sleep at night and want to be alerted and are gone during the day and want to be alerted. That is 2. Also we are home on the weekends like nearly 100% of people so that second window needs to go away.

An even better options would be wink and other various home hub integrations. With Wink on my other more expensive and in every other way less good cameras I can use wink to turn the “notifications” on and off. So when I leave the house and push “lock” on my Schlage connected lock it effectively turns on the cameras. Or when I push a button in the wink app to set my system to “away” they effectively turn on.

This prevents a great many false notifications and would get around the scheduling issues by allowing us to us existing schortcuts and things that are occuring to manipulate the cameras.

Either or both of things would put your cameras on par with Canary and Ring from a software perspective. At your price point, with your simple app and much better camera and mounting system, I would have another 5 of these. Without it, I will deal with the others I have for now.

I hope you all add it soon!


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