Automating camera and sensor on/off and notifications when home and away

I have four cameras at our main home and three at our holiday home. We’ve set it up using Life360 and WQyze IFTT intergartion so that when the last family member leaves a Life360 circle the cameras time on and when the first family member arrives back the cameras fot that circle turn off.

Works brilliantly.

I’ve just bought a sensor back and set up a single motion sensor. I’d like to be able to turn on notifications in a similar manner to the cameras ie when the last family member leaves, notifications turn on for the sensor. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it.

I’m not into creating my own developer mode IFTT applets (other than the simple create your own ones).

Can anyone help? Doesn’t have to use IFTTT but you can see what I’m trying to acheive - everything on automatically (no manual shortcuts) when leave and everything on when we get back.

PS - am new to this forum, so please move to the right place if I’ve stuffed up

Hi @jmidgley, welcome to the community!

It doesn’t look like enabling/disabling sense notifications is currently available in IFTTT as an action. It is available as a Rule action within the Wyze app, but that doesn’t allow you to set geofencing.

There is a #wishlist topic asking for the ability to trigger Wyze rules through IFTTT that would accomplish what you want, as well as one requesting more triggers/actions be added directly in IFTTT: