Automatically share camera feed to police and law enforcement (as an opt-in feature)

For those of us who want to build safer neighborhoods, we want to be able to automatically donate all camera footages to local law enforcement to make their job easier.

This should be an opt-in feature though so as not to invade user privacy.

There is already a thread about this here

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Wyze can and should do a better job than Ring after learning why some people strongly dislike Ring Neighbors from the other thread.

Here’s an interesting counterpoint. If you are posting your videos, the bad guys can learn where your cameras are and better enable them to avoid them. I have cameras that are quite obvious, but I also have cameras that you would have to try pretty hard to spot - unless you had seen video so knew that there has to be a camera “over there”.

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If Wyze can let users share camera feeds only with law enforcement authorities but not with everyone, that will be one big step ahead of Ring, for example. We want to make it easier only for the good guys to do their jobs but not the bad guys.

Can we please have a Vote Against feature in the forum now? This is a terrible idea. Let people choose Rings if they want that sort of compromise.

Authorities can already subpoena footage from Wyze. They can already come to you and ask for it. You can already give it to them. That is enough. (You can also already create your own neighborhood watch and use Wyze sharing features with willing participants.)


I cast my vote as a NO

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