Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

Wyze could modify the camera to force an internal restart if network communication stops. Implement a “dead man timer” in the camera firmware to trigger the reset. I was lucky to have remote router reboot control, and that reinitialized the WiFi connection inside the camera. Others may not have this luck.

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Just wanted to report [scheduled automatic reboot] is now possible with scheduled events/actions within the Wyze app. We’ll see how well it improves reliability!

What good is the schedule it the unit is offline? Does the schedule still work when the device is offline?

This is a laughable non-solution. When my cameras go offline, restarts of the camera don’t work as they can’t be reached via the network. The offline detection and restart must be done by firmware inside the camera.


This is not only an issue with the Cameras. It is also an issue with the plugs, lights… We loose power often due to wind storms and when the power is restored I have to go around and unplug/plugin or turn off/on everything that powered up before the wifi router connected. This is a huge pain! I have a not so smart plugs and bulbs in most rooms of my house so this is annoying.

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I vote for this auto restart also.

I have the video doorbell. The point is for my second home security. My doorbell was just shut down by the AWS outage. Your solution is to power it off.

That doesn’t work too well if in not home for several weeks. The doorbell should do an automatic reset if it’s without internet for an hour.


I go on vacation and a few cameras go out and for weeks I have no video while on the road.
I suggest you have an optional, in device, Watchdog Timer, that reboots the camera itself if it has not sensed internet connectivity for some amount of time (e. g. 30 minutes)

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New Year Wish for Cam 3 - Scheduled Restart

It would be a great feature for Cam 3 to have ability to restart itself when:

  1. Internet connection to Wyze Cloud service lost for some time.
  2. Scheduled between 1 to 7 days.

This will eliminate needs for someone to be physicaly present to restart a camera when all family members are out for a vacation.

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Hope springs eternal. Note this issue was raised in October 2018. Three years and three months later. No one at Wyze appears to care. The only workable solution that I have heard (and put into use) is to buy a smart plug from a different manufacturer (I use Govee). Put it in line with the camera power adapter so you can remotely turn the camera on/off at will.

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Jeff, that’s a good, creative idea.

Unfortunately, I’m most concerned about my doorbell so it won’t work for my main need.

However, I might try this out for some of my secondary cameras.

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I just bought some Tuya compatible plugs for this purpose and testing them.
I am not happy to introduce one more point of failure. Actually all big problems I had with my cameras were related to AWS / Wyze outage in December.
As someone mentions before, Wyze doesn’t alert if their camera got disconnected because of power, internet or simply stolen. One of my smart devices send me email when it loses electrical power. BTW I need test my new smart power plugs to make sure I will receive a report of power outage.

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There is no reason you can’t use this solution with a doorbell. You need to plug the doorbell transformer into a smart plug. Just find where that transformer is hiding in your attic.

Yep, Tested two Tuya compatible smart plugs and they are sending “device off line” notifications 30-40 minutes apart. Nice!
My take on it: Wyze should have this and autonomous reboot features to be taken seriously by professionals,

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Here is the wish list to be notified if Wyze products do go offline. The wish list request was created in 2018, but in 2021 it was changed to researching from maybe later. This means that it is being looked into, to what extent I don’t know but keep an eye on the thread or the tag for updates in the future.

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App reconnection button or ability.

It would be awesome if there was a way to have the app automatically (or maybe with a pull-down refresh, or touch of a button) refresh and/or add back any devices on the Home screen that have gone off network.

I live in a rural area & connectivity is an issue. So often two or three of my devices go off the network. They do not automatically reconnect, so I have to manually go to each bulb, plug, camera or light & add it back on again (reinstall it.)

If there is already a way to do this, please let me know (I have searched the forum, wishlist, etc but not found anything resembling my problem.) It is a pain to have to daily reconnect one or more devices. If there was a shortcut for finding the device (and it’s settings) again & just adding it back, that would be a time saver!

[Mod edit] Merged with a similar wishlist topic.

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