Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

The need to auto-reconnect is not driven by the camera, but by the Wyze app on the device viewing the video feed.
The software needs to re-connect to the camera, which is always possible by manually tapping the button on the screen. We need this step to be automated.

The camera does not need to be physically reset or rebooted.

The tweak to the software would not affect a camera recording to SD offline.

Granted your version does not need the camera to be rebooted, but others here do require it. I agree, your version needs a fix now, IMO. There should be no reason to touch the screen to restart the feed, which happens multiple times a day.

Perhaps a hub on your local network with the Wyze services software on it, broadcasting out siren song packets to Wyze devices saying “connect to me” and only forwarding them to the real Wyze services when the internet connection is up (or when you want them to).

There was a thunderstorm and I have two Wyze light bulbs at this address. One I was able to reset but the other one took itself offline without me doing anything to it. It was offline when I opened the app. I have had this happen at my other address where I also have two Wyze light bulbs.

It must be a design flaw and nothing can apparently be done remotely when a light bulb takes itself offline, until someone returns to that address to fix it. That could be 4 – 5 months without the use of that light bulb (s). As I said that is a design flaw that needs to be fixed as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this issue. We should be able to bring light bulbs back on line remotely


This is an enhancement report. I’m a software developer so I think like one.

I have a huge house, so I’m this kind of customer buying more camera from Wyze. (read important customer).

Because I have a huge house, I also have a mesh network, meaning, many router/access point that handle the all area.

If one of these router/access point is reset, or down for small to big duration, the Wyze Cam may end-up to connect to a very weak/far router. At this point it’s not really working, and cannot even access the cloud itself… When the close router/access point is up again, the Wyze Cam is not reconnecting/fixing itself to connect to the closest/best router.

In short this is asking that you implement roaming, or in a more simplistic view, that you have a watchdog that reset the Wyze when not able to connect to the Internet.

We call that a watchdog, in software:,%2C%20or%20%22timing%20out%22.


Good idea! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve also had connection issues with a mesh during rural power blips and outages, especially during summer storm season. Naturally all routers and modems are on UPSes, but not every single smart device and access point…

What seems like a simple baby step towards this would be a watchdog on the Wyze servers that would notify the app when devices dropped offline. Wouldn’t fix the issue, but at least you would know about it immediately rather than not until you randomly have time to to look at the app.

This has also been languishing as a “not-in-your-lifetime” Wishlist item for a year and a half… :rage:

This happens for me with EVER STORM and with more storms and more power “hiccups”, this is starting to make these camera unusable. Please add a function to allow us to set a reboot if offline for “x” period of time. that way I can keep connection to my cameras without having to go around and reboot all of them every week.


Let’s get this happening wyze

Please look here to install a script to schedule a daily reboot on the camera itself (i think)

It would be great to have a setting to reset the camera on a scheduled event only to flip the camera power off and back on again.

This feature would help:

  1. Refresh network communication for internet
  2. Refresh extended wyze sensors that may become lost or disconnected
  3. Reestablish proper Alexa communication

I experience times where my camera may work but extended sensors fail and the cam needs a remote reset but you dont know when this event happens until your caught off guard.


This is a great idea. We need this in a software upgrade.


Please add a setting for automatic reboot every 24 hours. This would reset the Wyze Sense Bridge and reconnect the disconnected / offline sensors and restore stability to Wyze Sense devices.

At present, when I notice a sensor disconnected / offline, I have to manually pull the plug on the Wyze Bridge or reboot the camera with the application.

Alternatively, Wyze Bridge / Camera could automatically reboot once per 24 hours between 2-3AM when it detects an offline sensor.


Two years later and still not implemented. Manually having to reset or power cycle the camera is nuts. How hard can this be ?

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Same exact issue on some of my older pan cams

Cmon Wyze team, please implement a fix. Remote power cycling of some sort would make these cams considerably more reliable.


we really need this feature for all the wyze cams. i lost two camera out of 7 i had at home while i was traveling for work, really wish it will auto reboot if no internet after 10min or something to fix it.


Wyze could modify the camera to force an internal restart if network communication stops. Implement a “dead man timer” in the camera firmware to trigger the reset. I was lucky to have remote router reboot control, and that reinitialized the WiFi connection inside the camera. Others may not have this luck.

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Just wanted to report [scheduled automatic reboot] is now possible with scheduled events/actions within the Wyze app. We’ll see how well it improves reliability!

What good is the schedule it the unit is offline? Does the schedule still work when the device is offline?

This is a laughable non-solution. When my cameras go offline, restarts of the camera don’t work as they can’t be reached via the network. The offline detection and restart must be done by firmware inside the camera.