Automatically restart the cam if it can't connect to wyze

Wrong. Unfortunately, I have pictures and video to prove what I’m saying. It CAN NOT be restarted remotely. No need to get into a debate. It does not work and there are ample people attesting to that fact on social media. But let us know what the magical solution is rather than simply contradicting without a valid solution. Contradiction is not a viable answer.

Open a support ticket. I can power cycle all of my cams (7) without issue.

To all concerned here; let’s be clear. “Restart Device” does not perform a power recycle. It is essentially a reboot of the camera. It also does it over an IoT channel separate from the livestream. :slight_smile:

All my cameras are v2 and have 80% wifi strength or higher and they run into the issues mentioned in this thread, so I’m not sure where the idea came from that this is a wifi coverage issue. My cameras occasionally drop their connection and require me to physically power cycle them to get them working again (the in-app restart fails). Definitely not a wifi coverage issue for me - and this is the biggest black eye of the Wyze cams in my opinion.