Automatic Firmware Updates and Installation Scheduling Options

Can we get an “autoupdate device firmware after X days at Y time?” Something with at least a few options?

Some users want to manually update. Others (like me) want an auto update. With that being said, I don’t want an immediate update. Wyze has too many issues with stability and bricking devices. How about ‘auto update after 7 days at 3am?’ Or auto update at a specific frequency.

Feature Request - Firmware Automatic Updates 2.0

First, let me say up front that I am aware that there was already a feature request which made it into production about two years ago for a Bulk Update option on the Firmware Update screen. This addition has been great, but I would like to see Wyze take this a step further.

My wish list for this feature would be as follows:

  • Add a toggle on the Firmware Update screen to “Enable Automatic Firmware Updates”
  • When toggled on, add an option to schedule a time of day for installation
  • When toggled on, add an option to receive a push notification once installation is complete, or if installation fails on one or more of your devices

In this day and age, it makes sense to be able to opt into automatic updates for both security reasons and convenience. Please make this happen!


Automatic firmware updates to Wyze devices would be really great and I hope this is something Wyze considers in the future. Having to manually go into the app and update them (even though they can all be done at once) it a little annoying. Not terrible but I wish that they would be automatically updated.

Hey folks. I’ve moved this request to our Roadmap!

I can confirm that our app team is working on an option that will allow your devices to install firmware updates automatically. We’re also looking into related “quality of life” features including installation scheduling and notifications about install status.

Since it’s still pretty early in development, we don’t know when these options will become available, but we’ll let you know once that changes!



@WyzeKenny - At the same time could the app team reinstate “firmware rollback” option instead of having to do the manual flashcard swap.
I just upgraded 2 V3’s that after the upgrade I can no longer view on one device.

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For sure please make automatic fw updates opt-in. I prefer to update one device of each type before deciding to update the rest. Thanks.

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@WyzeKenny Thanks for the update! Happy to learn it’s on the Roadmap. I have a over 20 devices on the Wyze Ecosystem (including locks, security system, cameras, etc) so definitely looking forward to some of these features. I have 6 cameras set up for 24/7 recording. I hate having to manually push updates but I have this (possibly irrational) fear that they will all be updating at worst possible time when someone is breaking in. Would love to see an option to update at a specific time of day that I know I’ll be home (or maybe location triggered?).