Automated HVAC Vents

Dampers are fine for a static balance, but the whole point of the smart dampers/vents is that it responds to the humans in the house i.e. I don’t need the AC in the bedrooms during the day, and I don’t need the AC in the kitchen between 12am and 5am, so why pay for that? If the AC unit is not having to cool the whole house, but just the rooms you are in it is bound to cost less than cooling the whole house to 77°f.
BTW My power bill is $400 in the summer and $210 in the winter, and my house has new double glazed windows and 6 inches of fiberglass in the attic.

In my case, I have an undersized AC unit that struggles in the summer to keep the house 78°. The bedrooms furthest from the unit are always 10° warmer than the rooms next to the unit. I have a booster blower halfway to the bedrooms, and that does help some (noisy though), but It seems like there should be a better solution.

Adding smart registers to the thermostat package would help keep your home at comfortable temps no matter what room your in

Then need to add Keen smart Vent compatibility.

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I agree. I learned the hard way that if you restrict air flow to much in a Heat Pump or A/C the coils will ice and the whole thing shuts down. Furnaces have high temp sensors to shut them down if they get to hot.

It would be nice to be able to use the Wyze thermostat in my home with one system but two thermostats one on each floor. The thermostats control dampeners that direct air when activated.