Audio output

Is there any chance that someone has ported the V2’s audio to an external device?

Do you mean by physically attaching a external speaker to the wiring inside the V2?

Yes, Loki, that was my initial thought and then I came up with your Dia of putting a miniature audio jack in the case so that if you wanted to plug-in some microphone some headphones I mean you could do so and that would cut out the internal speaker I think there’s enough room for it but I’d have to take one of my cameras a part to look for sure but does your pretty small jacks

Let me know your thoughts and I will do some online research as to what sizes of those jacks are available. That’s probably asking a lot but the sound quality from the speakers is marginal at best

I have no idea if the speaker output wired to a jack would provide the right power and impedance for whatever you might plug into it.

Well, that being said, how about the possibility of a Bluetooth connection to a remote speaker? What do you think of that possibility?

As an added note, I dictate my replies using Apple’s dictation and unfortunately it often times either interjects words or misinterprets what I’ve said… I really can write much clearer than what my last message to you indicates

My guess (totally just a guess): not very likely since it would involve a whole other radio being added to the camera.

Yes I had forgotten about Bluetooth needing its own radio

I don’t know then how you could connect to an outside audio source I haven’t got that one figured out yet but I do know one thing, I’m not particularly overjoyed with the audio quality of course I shouldn’t be for $20

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