Audio out of sync

Really? How do they do it with the millions of products that dont have this problem?

I didn’t know i had this problem until I had to look back at an incident. All 3 cameras that recorded the incident had serious playback issues. Some skipped numerous frames, and none of the audio was synced. Delay was 15 seconds and more. I have 5 cameras in total. I made sure to install Excellent Quality SD Cards that are fast. It doesn’t matter. Even after formatting and starting over, there is still a serious problem with Audio/Video being synced.
Note**12 Second clips are perfect.
I doubt 90% of customers know the severity of this.
I cannot believe this is happening. Everything else works perfectly - and I have the cameras mounted properly (indoor and outdoors, and it doesn’t matter, both types experience the issue).
I have installed these for family and friends, haven told over 20 people, most of whom have purchased at least 2.
For this to happen is devastating.
I have done a lot of testing, Wireless Strength is usually 93-98%, I have an excellent ASUS Router worth $300 that connects all the cameras - but this isn’t the issue because it is being recorded locally on the camera itself.
I’ve contacted WyzeArthur and sent him my information - let’s see if we can get some sort of fix.
I have a feeling that there is no simple fix.

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This is just a hypothesis, but I believe that the audio being out of sync is due to the way the videos and audio is recorded. The videos are saved on the SD cards in one minute segments. The audio recording is continuous. When saved to the device (iPhone or Android), the one minute segments are “stitched” together, however, the audio is continuous. Thus, as the stitched video (with missing parts) plays, the audio starts to go out of sync.

I believe that the reason for why there is no audio sync problems during the saved (to devices) 12-second clips, is simply because the segments are only 12 seconds long.

The possible solution is to have the audio also be recorded in the same manner as the video. In one minute segments. This when the two channels (audio and video) are stitched while recording to the device (Iphone and Android) , the video and audio recording will be in sync.


At this point, it seems as if this is a universal issue that is still a problem with no fix in sight. Unfortunate, as I have purchased quite a few of these cameras for home and my business and will be returning them all if a solution cannot be found. It’s pretty serious when the audio is not of sync, especially when we are using these for security and need to hear conversations or sounds in certain situations. Live streaming may be fine, but clearly we all rely on the recording function to rewatch event - events where the audio, frustratingly, does not line up. This is clearly not an isolated event on a few cameras.

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The engineers are working on it and we’re feeling pretty hopeful about the fix that we’re working on. But we aren’t going to guarantee dates yet since we’re not done with the work yet and will need to do testing rounds.


That’s excellent news! While they are fixing this, could you ask them in they plan to change the CODEC from ALAW to something more common, like AAC? Just had a big thread on that today…


I’m gonna go ahead and bet that this isn’t a change we’re making at this point but I’ll ask and let you know if the answer is different. :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?