Audio out of sync


My audio is often offset by 2-3 minutes on recorded videos. Either through manual recordings or through the SD card playback, the audio track is 2-3 minutes ahead of the video.

A few seconds seems fine but the audio is completely out of whack.

It works fine with live streaming and with the automatic recordings.



I’m finding I have a 5 second audio delay with my Wyze Cam v2 (using the live stream setting). This happens regardless if on the 360p, SD, or HD setting.

WiFi signal is strong, and I’ve updated the firmware.


Thanks for letting me know, @FatherJ and Nialz! Please send that information to Arthur by following these instructions:


@WyzeGwendolyn , I have the same exact problem in all my cameras. About 5-30 seconds delay between video and audio both in live stream and in recording to se card or event recording.

This happens with all my 5 five cameras, all running the latest version of firmware and all with above 95% signal strength

Any recommendations as to how to improve the situation? Or are you working on it for future updates?


@WyzeGwendolyn EDIT: Important update! I have checked that if I read the files directly from the SD on a computer then the synchronization is perfect. It seems the problem is reproducing it with the Wyze app. I’m using an iPhone XS Max

Edit2: false alarm. I checked again and I have delays in the files recorded on the SD card as well. Reproducing on a of with VLC still observing a variable amount of delay from 5 to 15 seconds


Well, darn. Thanks for letting me know on all counts! We’re working on these issues so please send the information requested by WyzeArthur over to him. Thanks for your help!


I have an iPhone X and have been experiencing sound randomly shutting off after a certain period of time on the app. Sound randomly turns off after a period of time and won’t come back on unless you mute/unmute or close and reopen the app. Very frustrating as I use this as a baby monitor and it is useless without the sound constantly working and I can’t be muting/unmuting or restarting the app constantly, especially overnight.


I don’t have a great answer for that. But if you would like to send Arthur some of the requested information, I’m sure that will help. :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same audio sync issues as others in this thread have described. I have sent my information to the email Arthur provided. This needs to be fixed.