Audio out of sync



@gjploudre, could you please check to see if the audio and video are out of sync when viewing the footage on a computer? And could you send me an example video of this?

@davidjaybush, it sounds like you were receiving the automated emails combined with people not checking previous tickets. I’ll talk to the team about this and we apologize for the frustration.


This appears to be a universal and critical problem. I’m not sure why the response is always that these are isolated incidents.
@WyzeGwendolyn can you confirm that you have not experienced this issue?


My Wyze Cam audio is within the expected few seconds of being out of sync. I personally haven’t experienced the longer delays that it sounds like other people are experiencing so I need to collect data for the dev side to be helpful here.


Hi Gwendolyn. Thanks for the reply.
I don’t see why a few seconds delay should be expected or acceptable. Milliseconds maybe.
Are there plans to fix this?
I love my Wyze cam, but this is a crucial part of the experience and a major inconvenience.


A few seconds is absurd in my opinion. Ideally it would be 5-15ms plus or minus of each other, worst case like 25ms±.

I have been delaying buying more due to this fact.


I am also having the same issue since I purchased the cam. Thought it would have been fixed by now,


Fix audio delay in VLC


Wait a second, are you saying the audio is out of sync by a sec or two and that it falls within what is expected?


I will give this feedback to the team. Yes, the delay being within a couple seconds is expected since the tracks are recorded separately. I haven’t heard plans to address this at this point so I’ll check in with the team about it.


Looks like this is something we’re looking into! Sorry, folks. I gave you out of date information and I apologize. I’m going to get one of our tech side people in here. :slight_smile:


Considering audio delay measured in “seconds” acceptable is evidence of a troublesome detachment from reality and a departure from empathetic design. I think all of us here are bemused at the thought that this was actually deemed a “normal” thing that no one would care about or notice.

Im happy that this issue is starting to gain the spotlight at Wyze, but the fact that this was approached with such a cavalier admission of being the status quo concerns me for how other areas of product development and support are handled, namely user privacy and information security.