Audio out of sync

A friend of mine bought the Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless camera and that doesn’t have any issues. I don’t understand how the company can produce one camera that works fine and another model that they can’t get to work

I think your friend will find only the 12-second cloud clips are in sync. Live stream, playback from SD card, save of playback to your device from SD card, and SD card in a PC – all will probably have audio sync issues. I don’t know what happened to the original effort to fix this that was outlined in post #33 above (#36 if you link to it). @WyzeArthur?

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Guys, the 12-sec clips are also out of sync FYI. This is a major issue as it has been previously reported by many on this thread.

When playing back from SD card on Android app, I noticed the sound track delay about 15-20 seconds. The 12 second clip on cloud seems to sync fine. Not sure about real-time viewing.

Wifi streanth has 3 bars.

Device is WYZE CAM V2, firmware version is (latest as of 5/17/2020).

Should I file a ticket?

Same problem, Audio out of sync. audio actually csptured40-45 sec ahead of actually video but pasted to start with video 40 sec later.

Does Wyze capture Aydio and video in two separate stream and then paste them together?

.80 app and .111 firmware v2

My Wyze Cam V2s have never recorded audio correctly.

Audio is always out of sync by a random amount between 0.5 seconds and 3 seconds in the recorded .mp4 files on the SD card.

Firmware version is

This problem has persisted for years. Could it please be fixed as soon as possible?

I’ve been using Wyzecams since it first came out. The issue has always been there and sadly I have learned to live with it. But here and there when I do have to go back and listen to a recording it is concerning that this issue is still clearly there.

A lot has been done since the original wyzecam started; v2 came out, pan cam came out, you guys added and removed free person detection, wyze bulb, sense, lock, band, wyze scale, and so on. I have all of these products and have been backing and supporting Wyze since then but what originally got me excited about Wyze was the camera - I still use it, I still enjoy it.

But again, this issue being left unnoticed for so long just shows that the camera is no longer a priority and has become a thought in the back of the head. And yes, I say unnoticed because just talking about it and not giving real feedback of when it will be addressed shows that the end-user has to be reminding you consistently for over a year that this is a problem.

This is the main reason I haven’t upgraded my v1 cams - I’ve lost faith on the wyze cameras. You gained me over with the cameras - and have been releasing great products - but now with those new products I get to wonder; how long until those products’ features get forgotten like the camera features? Should I purchase or go another route?

I’d say they’re positioning for a buyout.

I needed to submit a video to my local police this past week and the officer who took received the video said it “would have been really nice if the audio and video were synced better,” as it was hard to tell who was saying what in the video I captured. Not really a good impression of the brand.

Still no update about this from Wyze?

Chiming in on this issue, as I had just started using the Wyze camera to record videos where I had audio. Previously, the delay was OK, was it was just monitoring things. But I wanted to try and make an instructional video, and that is when I noticed it was off.

It started out OK, but near the end of the minute long clip, the audio was off by 10 or more seconds. The problem, from what I can tell, is that the video portion is played back to fast (you can watch the seconds counter go up faster than an actual second), and then when it gets to about 45-50 seconds, the video freezes, but the audio keeps going.

All this while recording directly to a microSD card. On the phone the delay is there as well as everyone else had stated, but it is not just recording through the phone that’s the problem, even straight to SDcard is a problem.

New WyzeCam v3 announced today and looking through the reviews it seems this audio-sync issue might be fixed. Excited to try it out.

It’s been 3 months since last post about v3 hoping audio/video sync might be fixed, so was it? Wyze now has monitoring product but equipment included doesn’t have a cam included. I wonder why. Perhaps because they are crap. Just sayin.

I held out hope for a lot longer than 3 months that this would eventually be fixed, but as of a couple weeks ago I replaced the camera because I’ve given up. I bought a Wyze camera because it was one of the few that are developed and supported within the US and that made me think it would be better than some Chinese piece of junk. Turns out my reasoning didn’t work out too well unfortunately.

T iIs because wyze is nothing but Chinese junk with a different name and worse customer support. Wish, the cheapest crapiest junk has better customer service than wyze.

Wow, just getting this email and remembering that nagging audio lag issue. I ended up tossing the wyze cam and buying amazon cameras a year or so ago. Never had an issue with the new cameras. I guess wyze never got those kinks worked out.

Yes, the V3 doesn’t have this issue, so maybe you can rotate some cams. Personally, most of my V2s are inside-looking-out, and I don’t want by indoor conversations being transmitted anywhere. So I disable the mic in those V2 cams, and use my V3s outdoors where they are weatherproofed and the V2s aren’t.

Just a thought.

I really don’t get how a bug is not being fixed for so long. Okay, they introduced new cams, but the old ones are still being sold and should still be supported as well. Introducing a new cam doesn’t fix the problem. I am getting fed up with Wyze. The only thing they do is introducing new products, probably all of them only working for a part.

Instead of fixing problems, they introduce new problems each time. I am still using the V2 and as long as the problems aren’t fixed, I will not buy any new Wyze products. They clearly show us that they are not capable of running a company. Once you bought Wyze products, you’re on your own.

My guess is a processor for an under $20 camera was too weak to handle the sync in the old days. Tech advances, and now theV3 processor can handle it.

I have 5 v2 Cams, and the first 6 months they all worked fine - no issues with audio/video on cloud, or sd card recording (have 32gb cards in each unit). As soon as the firmware added Person Detection, the audio stopped syncing consistently. I even had 3 cameras on the old firmware, and 2 with newer firmware, and the cameras on the older firmware without person detection didn’t have the sync issue. I have had to provide video twice to the local police department, and both times the audio was 15 seconds out of sync - it was so embarrasing because the officers said they’ve never seen audio so out of sync. I pride myself in being a techie but it’s unfortunate they couldn’t fix this issue. It’s simply the processor cannot provide enough power for all of the features - the processor is now almost 4 years old. It’s really a sad situation.