Audio issues

New to WYZE…having issues receiving audio…family can hear me ok, but I cannot hear them…what am I doing wrong?

On the camera side, or the app side?

When I am viewing via the app…I can see my wife, push to talk to her, but do not hear her…thx

I hear a scratchy noise…no voice or other sound.They can hear me ok, but broken up

The sound icon should be green with waves coming out, not gray with an x next to it.

It is…all I hear is a staticy scratchy noise…no audio…my other cam works ok

Kind of sounds like the microphone in the camera is either defective or not even connected. You might need to return that camera. You should file a support request.

I have the same issue, I even tried with another one I bought and Cant even hear. What did they say to you?