Audio coming in as a call.



+1 I having the same issue. Enabling audio while using Bluetooth makes the phone go into call mode and it doesn’t go away until I reset my phone. Android on Moto G5 plus.


Same issue here with Note 8. For me the ‘in-call volume’ happened on both pan cam and v2 cam. But after I reboot my phone the v2 cam does not have the problem, the pan cam still does . I also have the issue with bluetooth in my car thinking I’m on a call. I have to disconnect before I can use my radio etc. Tried the ‘Force Stop’ and that didn’t work.

Any solutions yet?


Hello @drinkcoke, the Wyze team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix for it. :grin:


Yep, +1 on having this issue. Just got my Pan Cam and really loved it until I discovered this. Hopefully there is a fix soon. I want to purchase more cameras but I might hold off.




I’ve had this same problem with my pancam and was going to email tech support until I found this thread. I have a galaxy note 8 and this problem occurs whenever I turn the device on or off from the phone. It also occurs when I access the live feed. It doesn’t occur when I look at the event clips. It will occur whether or not my bluetooth is on but if my bluetooth is on when I get into the car, my phone will call itself on the car’s speakerphone. The only fix I’ve found is restarting my phone. Not sure if this adds anything but I’m glad Wyze is working on it. I’ve given 2 cameras as gifts and would like to give more when this problem is fixed. Thank you.


Same issue here, on galaxy S8+. Anytime I use the mic or turn the sound on the camera on, all of my volume on my phone remains as ‘in call volume’ (media, ringtone, etc. When I get in my car, it immediately starts a call with myself, thinking im on a call with the camera. The only way I can fix it is to manually force close the app. So it basically makes all audio useless for me. Submitted an email to tech support, but since it looks like this has been an issue for months, Im not optimistic about a fix coming soon.


There is an open topic on this below. It seems to be happening to some people. I just seen that you posted in it. :+1:


Any fix for this problem? My phone keeps trying to call itself …yet I’ve never used the sound feature on the wyze. I’ve turned off all notifications on the cam and still it happens.
Anything? Short of just uninstalling the app I don’t know what to do. Uninstalling seems to defeat the purpose of the wyze cam :confused:


I didn’t realize it was a wyzecam issue until recently… I guess no one has been able to fix it yet since this thread is pretty old.


Any update on this issue? It’s actually a huge problem. The only cure is to restart your phone. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even open the wyze app because I know I’ll have to restart my phone afterward.
I have a Galaxy s9 plus.


@WyzeGwendolyn do you know if there is an update on this problem?


I’m a new user, and this issue is a real problem. This thing is going back to Amazon if this is not resolved. It’s coming up on a year with no resolution.

Update please!!!


Bluetooth issues have been getting resolved over time but this is a slightly different one. Wyze Cam Pan using the call volume in Android currently isn’t expected to improve since it would require a product redesign to an extent. We apologize for this problem and understand that it’s frustrating. We have looked into ways to reduce the negative impact but have had limited success.