Audio coming in as a call.



Just did a little testing and here’s what I found:

  1. I can view notification videos both with and without sound and it does not seem to affect my bluetooth audio.
  2. I can view my wyze cam v2 both with and without sound and it does not seem to affect my bluetooth audio.
  3. If I view my wyze pan cam WITH SOUND ON it trashes my bluetooth audio. My test case was I was listening to TuneIn on my bluetooth headset when I turned on the sound for the live view of my pan cam. The music continued playing but was reduced to sounding like it was coming from a tiny transistor radio (affected stream speed?). Turning off/on the bluetooth device does not restore the audio quality and I have to reboot my phone.
  4. When listening to cam v2 audio through my bluetooth headset pressing the volume buttons displays the volume slider for media volume.
  5. When listening to pan cam audio through my bluetooth headset pressing the volume buttons displays the volume slider for PHONE volume.
Seems like the problem is coming from the pan cam (or the combination of v2 and pan cam). Hopefully my little experiment is helpful and I hope this can get fixed soon.


I’d like to add my observations. It is further co fusing my sound, as at times it routes the camera sound through the ear speaker as if it were a phone call. What is worse sometimes my phone ringtones and notification tones come through the ear speaker instead of the main speaker as well. Pan cam and Galaxy S8+


I have the same issue on lg v30


This is exactly what’s going on with me! If i view the cam w/o sound, initially it’s cool but will malfunction as soon as the app I was streaming closes. Only way it gets corrected is restarting the phone.


Any news on this? I just got these cams and am having this problem on my S8+


Has there been any progress on this issue. I just got 4 v2 and 1 pan cam and all the v2 work as media volume but the pan cam comes through as call volume. I am using a Pixel 2 with Android version: 9.


Your setup is almost identical to mine. So far I’ve seen no activity on this issue other than complaints on this thread. I have found that force closing the wyze app fixes the audio problems. Of course then I assume I won’t be getting motion alerts.


This happens to me all the time. After it happens, my phone ringer is quiet, no notification or email sounds come through. Very annoying. I thought it was just triggered when I tried to adjust the volume or use the speaker on the Pancam, but I have found that if I get a call while I’m viewing my cameras, my phone ringer and sounds are dead until I reboot the phone. Wind up checking the sound functions to see if I need to reboot ALL DAY!

If I had known this was going to be such a problem, I would not have bought the cameras until it was fixed. Only happens on PanCam.

The last response from Wyze on this issue was in late June.




Note 9. This is happening to me. Messes the entire phone up after using this app. I have to kill the app to get My Bluetooth audio to not be a call. Also it causes my car Bluetooth to be off hook the second I get into the car.


killing the app causes the audio to turn back into media audio instead of in call Audio.


This is a major issue with this app.


Same here on Note 8. When I use the sound option, my phone goes into call mode. Then, when I get in my truck and the bluetooth connects it instantly connects “call in progress”. From here I have to reboot my phone to get my bluetooth audio to work. Also since the phone see’s it’s in a call none of my notifications sounds work, only vibrations. This is bad if you use your phone as an alarm clock.


for what its worth I’ve had success in the same situation by just force closing the wyze app. Sound reverts to normal instantly and the phone call notification on my car goes away.


I am having the same problem on an iPhone SE. I either have to force close the app or restart the phone to get my Bluetooth back. I was hoping the latest firmware or app updates would resolve it but I am still having the same issue as everyone else here.


So happy I decided to finally look into why my brand new Note 9 is always “on a call”. So disappointing to learn it’s this crappy app, there is a reason my Nest Camera’s cost money. this affects my wives phone as well, and her car bluetooth. We both enter the car and are “call in progress”. This issue explains how our alarms have not gone off, and how we don’t get notifications.


Hopefully I can isolate it to being triggered only when audio on the pan cam’s is attempted to be used, if that is the case i can deal with it.


Where is Wyze’s response?


Just reiterating what someone else said earlier. The quick and easy fix on Android is to swipe close the wyze app in the recent apps button, the one to the left of the home button.


I see all the same problems on Pan Cam


So just to chime in with some info I’ve discovered. Been emailing back and forth with Wyze support and while we’ve been trying different things I discovered that at least with my bluetooth headset the Wyze app seems to “mute” my headset audio after I use the app. Accidentally discovered that pressing the button on my headset would turn the audio back on. It’s not a fix as this is probably not how the app should be working but it is helpful in making the problem more manageable. In my car however I still have a problem where when my phone connects the head unit thinks it’s in a call. Pressing the “phone” button fixes the problem as well.


Just purchased and setup my first campan. I am using a samsung J3 Prime phone with Android 7. The sound comes through the earpiece… not the speaker. When I adjust the volume, the phone volume slider shows up.
If I use the tinycam pro app, it works correctly - sound comes from the speaker and the volume controls operate the media slider pops up.
This is happening everywhere… at home, in the car, at remote location.
Definitely a Wyze app issue! Seems to me if tinycam can work correctly, then Wyze devs should be able to figure it out.


I just got the Pan camera yesterday to go along with my 3 other Wyze cams (2xV1 and 1xV2). The difference that I see between the Wyze cam vs the pan is when you use the microphone. In the cam v1 and v2 you have to push and hold the microphone button while speaking and when you stop holding the microphone icon it turns off. Adjusting the volume during live mode and playback mode comes up as media volume.

When using the Pan cam microphone you push the microphone icon once and it will stay on until you tap the microphone button again to “hang up”. Adjusting the volume during live mode or playback comes up as in call volume.

Dear Wyze, please have the Pan cam microphone the same as the regular camera microphone with push and hold rather than push on and push again to “hang up” because the camera thinks it’s making a phone call and overrides the phone’s audio.


Any update on this? The Wyze Pan is definitely treating audio as a call instead of media. It doesn’t “hang-up” when closing the app either.

Causes a ton of functionality problems with the rest of the phone and bluetooth.


Same here, does this on my Nexus 6P. To kill it I go to “Recent Apps” and close the app then phone call on car radio ends then I can go back to streaming my music…