Audio coming in as a call.



I dont know how or why but ever since the last update, my wyze cam pan audio has come through as a phone call from myself. It does it on both my wyze cam pans. I have to v2 standards that im putting back up to see if they do it to. Anyone have this issue also? Im using a samsung galaxy s7 edge with android 8.0.0.

Bluetooth major bug- still here 6 months later. Where is Wyze support?
"my wyze cam pan audio has come through as a phone call from myself"

Can you be more specific? Are you saying when you check the audio that your phone rings, or that the audio quality is poor, or something else?



I have been having this problem as well I think. It seems like when I view the camera stream the audio from it is being routed through the “phone audio” instead of “media audio”. When I have my bluetooth headset on I will even have a bluetooth/phone volume control slider pop up instead of just the media slider.


I have also had this problem. It is not always but it seems to happen half the time. When i go to listen to audio it comes out of the earpiece instead of the Speaker. So as the previous person said it is routed through phone instead of media. I am using a Note 8 (Stock Android 8.1).


For me it’s not really a problem, but I experience this too. When I am in my car and I am connected to bluetooth and steaming music through it. I will look at my cam sometimes at stoplights, and when the audio is turned on from the feed, my car shows that it’s calling itself (my phone is calling my own number like it does when i listen to voicemails).


Basically, my car treats it like a phone call out instead of playing audio from the phone. I understand and it’s not really a bother though.


I’ve had it happen to me too, just so you guys know. We are investigating into it!


When it occurred, did you all have Bluetooth turned on?


Yes my bluetooth is h on. My problem is that other apps (like alarms) won’t ring because it thinks its on a call. Even after I shut it down - can’t hear alarms.


Exact same problem with my wife’s truck. Bluetooth on and streaming music from phone to car. If she opens a cam it gets all messed up a.


So as I’ve been paying more attention to this problem I’ve run into more issues. If I use the app to view my cameras bluetooth on my phone does one or more of the following:

  1. bluetooth headset connection is killed and usually requires a reboot to fix.
  2. if I use the app BEFORE using bluetooth audio, the audio is reduced to a terrible sounding level, almost sounds like a transistor radio from back in the day. Sometimes it will eventually clear up on it's own (ie audio will suddenly revert to normal) or I have to reboot the phone to get audio restored to normal. I have noticed this while streaming on the TuneIn app, changing audio streams has no effect on the sound quality.
  3. bluetooth will not reset by simply turning off my headset and turning it back on, audio continues to come out of the phone speakers even though a bluetooth headset has reconnected with the phone. Reboot fixes this.
I have deleted my bluetooth connection for my headset and re-paired but this had no effect on the problems. This is really a problem with the app, literally have to remember to not view my cameras while I'm trying to listen to bluetooth audio. Clearly something is wrong. I've also noticed that I have problems with listening to notifications from my cameras over bluetooth. Usually I can't hear the sound at all but occasionally it will work. Please look into this.

Phone: stock 8.1, unrooted Pixel, bluetooth headset is a “no-name” model from amazon that works properly with all other phone functions.


Guys, here’s my 2 cents. I also have a Galaxy S7, with Bluetooth on. I have not once had this happen to me.


I found out to make it happen.

Use the 2-way microphone to speak then go to your phone and try to play a sound (I listen to the sound I selected for an alarm).

When I try this, the sound won’t play. Pop up not says “Unable to play sound during a call”.

I then need to restart my phone to clear it.


First post

Figured I would chime in. Just got my Wyzecam Pan in the mail today and hooked it up. I notice that when I adjust the volume it shows it as the call volume that I’m adjusting. Haven’t been remote yet and tried while my phone is connected to Bluetooth. I’m using a ZTE Axon 7, rooted, custom ROM (AEX) 8.1.

Also to the powers that be, I’m a Network Engineer with lots of AWS experience, and wouldn’t mind assisting in any beta testing/development if I could help at all.



Ditto, Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 8.0

The issue is the same for me whether I’m inside my local network or remote… When pulling the audio from the cam via the app it is always treated by the phone as a call. This, in and of itself is not an issue (unless you’re actually on the phone at the time) but it seems that the call is never cleanly released when you turn off the cam audio. All phone audio is hollow and tinny sounding after this, the only thing that solves it for me is a complete power cycle.


Same issue on my Huawei mate 9.


So I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having this problem, makes it very problematic to check my cameras. Can someone from Wyze confirm that they are looking into this bug?


I can confirm that I experience this problem as well, though I may also experience the problem when viewing my v2 cams. I’ll try to remember to try it out next time I’m in my car.


Even though I have not been able to make this happen on my galaxy s7, most of time I connect to my cams on my tablet, not my phone. The display is larger, easier for me to view

And of coirse, on my tablet, it’s a non-issue, since I don’t make voice calls from the tablet




So, using my Galaxy S9+, if I watch the feed from one of my v2 cams with sound on, pressing the volume keys on my phone will cause the media volume slider to show.

If I watch the feed from my cam pan with sound on, pressing the volume keys on my phone will cause the in-call volume slider to show.


I tried some more things to see what triggers this problem.

If I just view the camera or even pan around - there is no problem.

But, if I touch any volume controls or the Wyze cam pan speaker - I see that the in Call volume is being changed. After that the phone thinks its on a call (and no way to hang up).

This blocks all other sounds - such as alarms, etc.

This only happens on the Wyze Cam Pan. Not the Wyze Cam 2 which correctly adjusts the media volume instead of the in call volume.



I hope this is fixed soon. Getting to be a real downer. Don’t always know when it happens but when it does - phone stops ringing, no alerts no alarms, etc.

Wyzecam - is this being investigated? Makes me want to return the Wyzecam pans I bought.