Attempted to reset Wyze Lock keypad access code, now app shows "working on it" and code is uneditable

I attempted to reset a keypad access code for my Wyze Lock today and experienced a strange response from the app. I’ve reset codes in the past without a problem, but this time it took a while and didn’t seem to take effect. I now see the message “Working on it…” next to the access code name in the access code list and I can’t tap on it to edit or delete it. Pasting a screen shot below. Has anybody experienced this? I’m not at the property and now I’m wondering whether the keypad will respond to any codes or if it might be frozen. I was able to create a new test code in the app, so that’s a good sign, but I’m still not super confident that it will respond to the next code that’s physically entered.

Update: The status of the code in the app is still “Working on it” but the code worked when our Airbnb guest arrived.